Slipped Disc walking problem

Hi. I have been diagnosed with a slipped disc and am waiting for an appointment with a neurologist in 6 weeks time. I am unable to walk unaided bcut can stand for short periods. My feet feel numb and messages to make them move normally seem to be not getting through correctly. My legs are fine and I can move around with a frame although my feet seem uncoordinated. My pain is ok during the day but I have difficulty getting comfortable in bed. I am keeping as active as possible but am concernrd at not being able to get walking again. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation and any advice would be helpful.

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  • It's miserable not being able to get around normally. And finding a comfortable position at bed time can seem like one trade-off after another.

    Good for you for making the effort to remain active and keep some range of motion etc. when it must feel like everything is stacked against you.

    Do you know where the troublesome disc is? L5/S1 say? If so, there are many posts about that here where people had physiotherapy and/or surgery and it was very effective for them.

  • Hi i am currently going through the same thing. It started christmas week and have been off work since feb 2017. Physio app next week. Took two months to get an MRI. Have been going to a chiropractor every other day for two weeks now and the back pain is easing to a pill free life. The nerves in my feet and legs are really bad. Cant walk without a stick or person to hold onto. Just want to get better now :(

  • Hi I'm in your situation too, sometimes my back doesn't tell my leg what the rest is doing and I stumble.

    I had had countless injections, a disctectomy, even more injections and I'm on lyrica for nerve pain and also morphine 18months after it started which sadly made me lose my long term job........ backs are a hard thing to sort at times.

    I have been told it may still get better but it just takes time, but that is not what they said before the op they said it's a risk etc and hopefully everything will be ok in my case it isn't and I have nerve pain in my thighs and my sciatica still pops up at times.

    Sometimes it does work for some people but it doesn't in all cases so leave your mind open and be aware your back is more resilient than you think but the nerves are not and they are the ones sendinding all those messages back and forth.

    I wish you well and hope all goes well for you

    Frank D

  • Yep exactly the same. Going physio tuesday lets see what they say x

  • Great I hope that works for you! My pain consultant basically won't prescribe physio as it's not going to do me much good as I do move around a lot etc but he thinks the mechanical side is not right but yet the neuros say it is ! I'm stuck in the middle!

    Good luck!

    Frank D

  • Hi All change my MRI results dont match my neuro tests so am now waiting for an emergency appointment to see a specialist. Gave me a zimmer frame for indoors. Told me to rest and wait for next steps. So tired only slept two hours last night. Having a lazy day today resting cause my nerves are shot now. If my doctor had listened and written down all my symptoms in Jan i could probably be better by now. Tired Angry and Sore now. My doctor told me i would get no more help unless i did 6 weeks physio first. The physio knew as soon as i started walking that something other than my disk prolapse was causing this. Will keep you posted and hope you get some relief soon.

    Gonna get so sleep now lol :)

  • Thanks for letting me know Bee, I was similar they made me do all sorts of crazy stuff first too like physio and I was put on a cross trainer !!!! I refused to do it I couldn't walk never mind do a cross trainer !

    Anyway you rest up and keep me posted

    Best wishes

    Frank D

  • Oh god Frank. We discussed some physio but as soon as i told them about my nerves and they did the tests all that went out the window. Yesterday was bad after all the walking to get to the physio dept. Not sleeping well either had a very large drink last night before bed was still wide awake two hours later. Got to go out this weekend for a meal with hubbies kids so have just requested a wheel chair because even with a walker i am unstable. I am changing doctors as soon as i get a result from the consultant. They have just palmed me off for nearly 5 months and its really upset me and i dont want them to be in charge of my after care. Just waiting for my appointment to come through now. Take care and keep going.


  • Thanks Bee ! I'm having my epidurals and radio therapy on Sunday so hopefully I will be semi normal for a couple of months again! Eek can't wait for those needles in my spine lol

  • Oh bless you, i'm not looking forward to the outcome of my problems and i pray to god it is all fixable without surgery or any bad drugs. I have never been ill in my life and this has wiped me out. Will have to resign from my job soon if they dont get this sorted because they wont hold my position for much longer. I know they say its crap getting old but i have still got years left to work and dont want to be in pain for ever. I hope your injections go smoothly and give some relief. Stay strong


  • ThanksBee, thank you I hope they get me sorted one way or another nerve pain is hell! I'm the same I was told by my ex company we want you but you have to come back now! But I couldn't, and that was hard as I've been working there since I was 21. But alas I can only grow stronger so I will work for myself I may not be as rich but I will be able to make my own choice!

    I will let you know how it goes on Sunday!


  • Hi

    Bless you i will have to resign from my job soon as they will only let me be sick for 26 weeks before they stop paying me ssp then i have to claim from the social. Oh joy!! at least the forms will keep me occupied lol for a while. Have just tried to book my referral appointmemt the first one is Aug and it wouldn't let me book it. So have requested a call from them with available appointments. It just gets worse every time i try to get help. Its no wonder this country is in such a mess. I hope your doing something you like. Nothing worse than a job you hate.

    Keep the chin up and keep smiling lol

    I am trying to lol

  • Hi Bee I'm sorry to hear that! Alas no I've no job but I'm learning new skills! I still have a way to go before I get anywhere near better,I had an epidural and radio therapy on Sunday and although it has helped a little it has set my nerve pain on my thighs off ! It's like bad sunburn!

    But I'm doing ok and learning lots so I keep myself busy and just keep moving forward you just can't give up can you !

    Anyway keep well

    Frank d

  • Hi have got my Neuro appointment 3 months wait so thats my job out the window. Just sitting here wondering why me? Will try and perk myself up over the weekend tho and get some normality to my day. Get a set routine sorted to keep my self occupied. Think about work i can do in the future. Hope your ok and not suffering to much.


  • Hi Bee

    I'm finally getting some relief but seeing as I've had an op and 6 epidurals and now radio therapy as well as an epidural , I should!!!! Lol

    It's still a little uncomfortable but I'm walking stairs hurt! But I'm ok . Now I'm waiting to find out when they start on my left shoulder and neck, crikey I feel the why me too but you can't let it get you down. The only thing that bothers me is my weight nearly 3.5 stone gain! I look in the mirror and that's not me I see! That's lyrica for you!

    But keep going and keep well Bee....

  • Oh glad you have some relief onwards and upwards :) yeah i dont have many days and i will just buy myself a stool on wheels so i can do some stuff lol you keep ya chin up too

    Yep every days a school day i will keep going dont worry just frustration getting the better of me.

    Keep ya posted


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