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David - after op

Thanks to so many friends who sent messages of support. Keept me going - along with his phone calls!

Anesthetist - wonderful Dr James pain consultant - decided to do Epidural and sedation. David has CPOD and together with other conditions this was the preferred method Sadly the intravenous Glenmorangie option wasn't offered!

Long op - over 4 hrs. Nice bit of Royal Worcester used as the ceramic head. Could have given them some of mine!

Spoke with him several times yesterday - first time just post op was a load of gibberish. Nurse translated. Last night he said he was very sore and the lines in his hand kept popping out. Anyone who has hag these inserted know just how painful they are. He had them replaces no less than 7 times.

Even more sore this morning having slepy in one position all night. Pillow, drips, drains and bight staff ensured he stayed put. Wants me to take in choc digestives which I;m sure will cure everything!

Physio this morning to get him up and hopefully moving. As the op was on his #goof' hip with the other leg always dragging behind - see how physio manages! No doubt David will tell her if she has other plans.

So one tired, sore and a bit grumpy bunny.

Off to visit this after so he should cheer up.

Hugs Pat x

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Sending lots of good wishes to you both!


Best wishes to you both and a speedy recovery. Ann xx




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