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Hi everyone. Just got a letter from doctors at hospital, diagnosised with fibromyalgia and also loss of disc height at L5/S1and degenerative

change in the facet joints. So no surprise that I am in loads of pain. Meanwhile I have a G.P. who looks at me with suspicion when I say that the painkillers are barely touching the pain. Sorry for the blowing off steam, but as you can all understand that the pain is an overwhelming thing that has the power to run and has the potential to ruin your life.

Just struggling to deal with an employeer who wants me out because of sick pay and the constant pain.

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Hi . Sorry to hear you're in pain; I have severe arthritis in my knees; no cartilage left. Don't let the doctor make you feel bad about needing pain medicine. You have a legitimate reason for needing it. Maybe it's time for a new doctor. Good Luck!


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It's so sad that most doctors still think that all we want is stronger drugs because we are addicts and fibro is are way of getting stronger drugs. Nothing can be farther from the truth i haven't found a pain med that stops my pain yet. My GP referred me to my new pain specialist who works in fibro research and understands that we are programmed differently and pain med don't work for us. He has just got approval from my Insurance to try a drug on me that is prescribed for detoxing heroin addicts but it is also a strong pain med. it is helping but I still have a pain level of 5-6 out of 1-10, 10 being the worse.

The best thing to do is to try to find a Pain specialist who understands that.


Hi Mikew. Im sorry to hear you have so much pain. Im exactly the same as you.i have loss of disc space height in my thoratic and lumbar spine also fibro. Ive not got artritis of my spine and am on lots of heavy meds. Ive tried every treatment out there. Its so painful 24/7 and im giving up my job after 18 yrs,along with the pain from the fibro each hour is a struggle. Can you ask your gp to refer you to a pain mngt clinic? Surgery is not an option for me as too many levels of my spine are affected. It is such a horrible thing struggling with disc pain and inflammation. Believe me. I know! Ive had mine 7 years now. Have you seen an orthapaedic surgeon? Maybe somone will come along with a suggestion that hooefully you can try. I tried so much this past 7 yrs but nothing worked for me. Hopefully you will be different I wish you all the best and hope you find something to ease the pain. Mags


Change your GP as a first move - if he is unable to respect a specialist opinion and leaves you feeling you are not being taken seriously then he clearly has no understanding of fibro! No seriously, why not get details of fibro from fibrouk - they can provide leaflets with information for GPs and you could get them posted directly and anonymously to the GP - which is what I did - that way the GP will have more info and hopefully more understanding of your condition.

Seek advice about your employer from Citizens Advice, you have a right to be treated as someone with a health issue that can be thought of as a disability rather than as someone who is being awkward or taking time off through choice. The last thing you need is the stress of being threatened with the possibility of losing your job!




Thank you for all the info, a very great help. The bit about being classed as disabled, although worrying in some sense isalso good news because it gives me the ability to quote legislation and getting the CAB involvedis a good move.

Thanks again



I have had fibro for 10 years and was diagnosed at 60. I tried the drug Lyrica and it made me very ill. I exercise every day doing about 80 minutes aquarobics which helps tremendously. I have taken most painkillers but really find paracetamol is for me as the others caused constipation. You have to tell yourself that slthough fibro is debillatating and painful it is not terminal. My consutant tells me thar I have the right attitude as when I was diagnosed I wad delighted that it was nothing terminal. He advised me not to join a fibromyalgia meeting where everyone moaned! I also have cervical spondylosis and other problems but try and look.on the bright side and tlhave the attitude that things could be worse


Pain killers do what they say on the tin. They kill pain. They do not tackle the causes of pain. Research has shown that some pain killers can increase the pain. If you have pain caused by pressure on nerves caused by muscles then pain killers are not going to stop the muscles applying pressure on nerves. The loss of nerve feed back caused by the effect of the pain killer may cause the muscles to increase pressure on nerves with the result more pain and potential damage.

Some pain killers need particular enzymes to work and some people because of genetic make up do not have these enzymes

You are going to have to look at the therapies which involve looking at muscle behaviour. Things like Alexander Technique, Yoga, McTimony Chiropractic, Sports Therapists, Massage Therapists.

Sometimes you may need more than one therapy in order to get pain relief and better muscle functioning. It is a case of suck it and see.

Hope this helps


Theres plenty advice here on managing your pain so I won't repeat it.

With regards to your work, if your employer really wants to get rid of you, turn it to your advantage. Ask to be made redundant. This opens the doors for free training for more suitable work.

If that's not possible, then see the disability officer at the job centre, they help finding suitable work, retraing programs and understanding employees. There is also a program that helps people with disability become self employed. You get a weekly payment for a few months until your business is established and you are self supporting. Being self employed does not affect your benefits either.

The CAB are very helpful if you really want to keep your job and can assist with negotiating with your employer for better conditions, equipment etc.

Occy health (private if need be CAB can advise) will produce a report with reccommendations for improving your working conditions. Employers are obliged to meet those that are marked necessary and other less important ones if the want to. Many cite funding as a problem, but that's why businesses have profit! And they are not allowed to say "I'll give you all this but you have to work for me for the next 5 years".

I got occy health in to assess my work station, their recommendations would have cost £2,500. I decided I didn't like the job enough to justify them spending that much so I just changed my chair with someone else and got a stand for my monitor. I left after 6 months to start my own business.


Sweetheart so sorry for your pain and diagnosis. Please join us on the Fibro forum here. You probably should go to a pain clinic as it saved me. Now at least my life is bearable. Hope this helps!!! xxx Mitzi


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