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Who can I see about this issue??? What can I do and who can I see for my hands?

It's been over a year and a few months now, and my hands swell, become so stiff, and hurt like you can't imagine. I've had testing for carpel tunnel, and I've seen a heart doctor, still nothing... I've had blood work, nothing... I am getting so overwhelmed, and I don't know what else to do... doctors don't know what's wrong, and when I see them all I have to offer is pictures because the swelling goes away mid morning. I don't sleep very long because of the pain... If anyone can help, or shed some light, please, I beg you... cause honestly, I'm getting tired of being this way... help!

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Ask to be referred to the local rheumatologist who is an expert and can help you find out what's going on.


When your hand swells dose it change colour at all and dose it go cold or sweaty if so I would go to u GP and ask them to send u to a pain doctor


Really sounds like arthritis, of either sort, you need another blood test and an X Ray.It really depends on what your Dr is asking the lab to look at,I too had negative blood results for rheumatoid arthritis, and was told I was too young for Osteoarthritis, but after being referred to a specialist I was diagnosed with Osteo, too young or not !


This sounds like faulty muscle behaviour. Rheumatologists are unlikely to be of much help. But have the appointment booked so that you can access to the various diagnostic tools available.

It is worth having a chiropractor check you for any muscles spasms that are pulling the neck out of alignment. An Alexander Teacher will help you get more in touch with how you are using your muscles.

An Alexander Teacher is unlikely to cure the problem, but they will help you develop the strategies that can help minimise the problem.

Medical people do not understand how the muscle, brain and spine interact. This has always been the province of the yoga teachers, martial artists, massage therapists. All of which required the sensitivity of hand work to determine what is happening in the muscles.

Hope this helps


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