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Just wanted to let you all know..good news!


I came on this site 9 months ago,prompted by my chronic back and thigh pain.every bit of advice I received was helpful..after being chronic, having MRI, loads of drugs, and then a nerve root block procedure..guess what? I have walked 5 miles very night for the past week, have thrown away the walking stick and feel amazing! So to all the pain sufferers, do not give up, try and stay optimistic...and I hope all good health comes your way,

Thanks to everyone for your sympathy and kind and helpful advice!

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I'm really pleased for you. So what worked? The nerve block?

Bluechip in reply to Calceolaria

The nerve block was the first significant thing..was about 80 per cent improved...that was in April. Since thn have had physio and as the pin then seemed to b mainly in the hip lots of rubbing etc round hip area. It's only been this week but s I say totally amazing!

It's so nice to read some good news on here . I'm really happy for you. I'm going back to work after six years of not being able to do so. So more good news


wonderful news

Great news Bluechip!!!!!Keep up the good work!!



Awesome news :-) i have lumbar nerve denervation and it's amazing :-) just go steady x

Fantastic news.

That's incredible news, good for you!


Good news


Bluechip in reply to Hidden

Thanks Bob, I remember your original responses about 6 months or so ago were a great help x

I'm new to this site. I have osteoporosis arthritis but this site seems to be for rheumatoid arthritis. Is it okay to be on here?

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