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PLEASE HELP. Chronic right hip joint pain. Doctors don't know why.

This pain comes and goes, i had to go to the emergency room last time because I couldn't even walk, I had to literally drag my leg around with excruciating pain. If I moved my right leg at all in any way, my hip joint pain was off the charts. Lucky my pain isn't at that point yet. My hip usually pops as well when I move my right leg up to my chest, but I can only do that when the pain is mild. Now the pain is about a 7 I can barley limp, it's hard to move my leg forward without pain. Sometimes when I'm laying down I can feel my blood pumping on the front side of the hip joint close to my groin. Can't sleep at all no matter how I lay down. I've actually been disabled for the past years multiple left leg ACL surgeries. So I've been sitting for 2 years mostly. Never work out. I have mild plaque psoriasis not sure if that's relevant. When I went to the hospital I had an MRI and they saw extra fluid built up in the right hip joint but not enough to drain. Plus they drew some blood and found out it was an infection. So I just sat in the hospital for 4 days with no moral answer. I left because 60 percent of my pain went away maybe cuz of anti-inflammatory meds, but now the pain is coming back and I really don't wanna go on a 4 hour trip to the hospital again. Please help me I've been dealing with this pain since the start of this year.

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Try Erythromycin. It is an antibiotic and a very good anti-inflammatory. I have used it several times for painful conditions where standard anti-inflamatories do not work. You may need to do your research on the internet to persuade your GP that a one week or two week course may help your condition.

There is a relationship via spinal reflexes between the musculature of the neck and how the neck and head is held and the muscles of the leg and hip. You going to need to do your research into this on the internet as most physios and neurologists have very little understanding of this.

It is worth finding an Alexander Teacher who can help make you more aware of your muscles and the way you use them. This way you can learn to use your muscles in ways that generate less pain.

Hope this helps


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