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neck and back pain and stiffness following trauma.. my husband hurt his neck 4 months ago doing gymnastics (forward roll & awkward landing

think he has overstretched ligament in upper back - initially knew he had hurt something but real pain only hit about a week later (bit like whiplash)... he went to our local A & E for an xray which showed up nothing - gp then prescribed anti inflammatories and some physio which he has been going to. since then he has a constant ache in between his shoulder blades going up into his neck occasionally. He has continued to work (as a driver) but after 13 weeks he really feels no better and it is now getting him down as he feels his gp mite recommend he gives up his job.... I am a stay at home mum.... His chiropracter has confirmed that he will make a full recovery but he is doubting that due to the length of time already...... Would a MRI show up soft tissue damage??? he is always so active (cycling etc) but has had to give all that up..... depressing....

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See a sports physio. They are good at getting to the root of pain. It will get worse before it gets better - that's the way sports physios work. Should only need a few sessions.

Chiros are good but long winded. They only work on a little bit at a time. They probably will cure your husband but it may take a year or so.

The sports physio is very direct, hands on and get results straight away. Your husband may have to do exercises at home to help the physio between appts.

If therapies don't work, then maybe considering swapping roles could be an option, even if it's just short term to give your husband time to heal himself.


thanks Zanna - he has been to see a physio who works for a local football team and she has been treating the problem but not really investigating the cause...... has had 4 sessions with her but no improvement... now wondering if he has scar tissue which is causing problems.... really wish I could swap places with him but he is an HGV driver ... im not!!! Seeing gp on tuesday for further discussions... will let u know how he is getting on...


thanks Ether64... he is presently doing stretches/exercises recommended by his physio and chiropracter which he does religiously as he just wants to get better. The pain is a constant dull ache but the main problem is the muscle tightness and occasional tired legs. When he gets home from work he just wants to go to bed and for such a previously active person it is so depressing. I have looked up your website - which exercise would help - even let me know here... thanks again.


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