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Posture brace

I was told by an orthopaedic consultant surgeon that I have awful posture 'assuming a non structural scoliotic posture'. I also hunch over a lot. I have been told by a few people that postural braces are a new up and coming method to treat postural related back problems. If you look at my other questions you will see my history with scapular pain and dyskensis, and I really do have poor posture. Would I benifit from such a brace?

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Hello Samuel

The treatments are different for children and adults, and I do not know how old you are ?.

So I would advise you to look at the NHS Choices site, there is an existing explanation regarding your condition.

If you are still young your parents could read this site with you, or if adult you can do your own research.

There is an Association or charity that deals with this problem and they have a web page, again above applies

Remember depending how old you are, the Specialist mayl want to perform surgery that will have minimal effect on your body, All Health pros will have your main interests at heart.

I understand that a brace may be supplied although in some instances are not required. There are operations to straighten the spine, that will be decided by your Health Team.

Your condition is quite complicated and I am not a GP or Specialist regarding these conditions, I bow to your health team

Good luck, keep a hold




I do not want to be an alarmist but I think if you do have problems with your spine then you should speak to your doctor first and then he/she may be able to help with the correct thing for you as well as possible financial help to get what you need.

Take care and kindest regards



I dont have curvature of the spine, just stand as if I do, the surgeon checked for kyphosis, scoliosis etc and didnt find any actual curvature, i just stand as if i have bad scoliosis


No it would not. It may make you straighter it will however not deal with the muscular coordination dysfunction that leads leads to postural related back problems


no i didnt intend for the brace to act to help my shoulder problem, but if I have better posture then surely my back in general will be in a healthier state!? Also shoulder problem or no shoulder problem I would like to have good posture


You say: " I have better posture then surely my back in general will be in a healthier state!?" Unfortunately this is not true. You are talking about posture achieved by bracing. Bracing does not deal with over-contracted muscles that are preventing the back from receiving an adequate blood supply which supplies nutrients and takes away waste products.

Good Posture is not about standing up straight. Standing up straight can be achieved by a multitude of braces. Good Posture is about standing up straight and being able to move smoothly and efficiently in any direction you choose in a manner that does not lead to injury. Bracing cannot achieve this.

Good posture requires that muscles only do what is required and no more. The spinal reflexes help the body balance and the head is balanced on top of the spine. With the head balanced this way the feet can move easily when walking.

In the neck there are reflexes which respond to which direction the head is looking (up and down or sideways). Where the eyes move responds with a muscular reflex in the neck. The reflexes also respond to the muscle tone of the neck muscles.

Bracing will not stop over contracted muscles. To stop over contracted muscles you must be aware that they are over contracted and have a means to release them. This is the realm of Chiropractors, Alexander Teachers and Masseurs etc.


The short answer is no - not unless a physio or specialist recommends it. The problem with braces of any kind is that they take away the need for your muscles to do the work of holding you up themselves. You could end up making things worse by causing your muscles to waste away. If poor posture is a problem, then ask to see a physio and get them to give you some exercises - then do them very regularly exactly as told. You might find that something like tai chi or yoga or pilates might also help, as all those things help your balance and posture and encourage better body position.


Hi Samuel, I don't know anything about braces but have you looked in to Tai Chi, Chi Kung or Alexander Technique. they are all really good for improvinjg posture and relaxing unwanted muscular tension in a very gentle non aggressive way. Tai Chi for health is not the same as Tai Chi for martial application so be aware of this if you look in to it. Best wishes and good luck with your research.


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