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I can't take this pain much longer

I posted mid December with excruciating pain in my lower back and buttocks. X-ray revealed partial slipped disc, I have had 3 courses of Naproxen and Tramadol and I don't start physio for another 10days.

The pain is getting worse, I am woken after a couple of hours sleep in agony because my back and buttocks just seem to freeze. I have to get up but I can't walk for several minutes because of the pain, what is this?

I have a Doctors appointment next Saturday and need some advice please. Should I ask for a scan, Amitriptyline, Valium or ? I also have a stiff and painful neck and am wondering if this could be connected.

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If you have a slipped disk and you see your GP this Saturday?? you need to push for further treatments that will reduce the swelling in the lumber region. They have now found the cause of your problem so it may be a good idea to see a Specialist to discuss treatment options,.

With regard the disc they would most probably try sorting it with manipulation, that most probably is what you are waiting for.

One thing you could try is a special cushion that you sit on. It has a cut away for the ccoxyys at the base of the spine it takes strees away from that lumber region of your back and buttocks, you may be able to get one at BOOTS or Disability Shop that sells aids for disabled people. It will take the strain of spine and buttoks

All the best



It sounds like your slipped disk is compressing you sciatic nerve (sciatica). Has this been suggested to you?

I wouldn't go for strong opiet drugs. They will get rid of the pain but they are very addictive. Have you tried ibraprophen? That will take down the swelling in you spine and by doing that it should help the pain. I'm a strong believer in treating the problem not the pain. As once you have solved the problem the pain goes.

If this carries on try seeing a pain specialist. Bit first do the physio and go from there.

I wish you a swift recovery.



I would demand an MRI or CT scan, as it looks at muscle, nerves, etc as well as bones, so will show of any trapped nerves, etc. Depending on this they may then offer you some minimally invasive treatment, such as ablation, steroid injections, etc or disc decompression or fusion, depending on the responses to medication, physio or the minimally invasive treatments. I hope that helps but you definitely need to push this, even if you have to see your GP every day to get noticed. Failing that change GP's. Good luck.


I have excruciating pain in lower back and buttock.This has been going on for 2 years now and I am now attending the pain clinic. I have been to a chiropractor, doctor, physio,hospital etc. I was given an MRi and was told I have bulging discs.The physio did not help my pain which I attended for 5 months. I have had 2 epidural steriod injections for the pain which has helped a great deal.This has enabled me to exercise. I am also on medication gabapentin and disclofenac. I suffered for 8 months before I got any relief. You need to push for help when you see your GP.

Hope this helps you.


Really good advice so far. All I would add is shout, shout and shout some more. Make them realise how much pain you are in and don't leave until you have a referral. I don't have a bad back but I'm not sure how useful physio is for chronic pain. They didn't have a clue what to do with me. Your neck problems could well be posure related due to the amount of pain you are in as it puts a massive amount of stress on your body being in chronic pain. Are you posture aware? Get reffered to a pain clinic for help with...managing pain killers, strategies to intervene with pain related depression, nutrition, exercise and relaxation techniques. Things to bear in mind that they probably won't deal with is Tai Chi and Chi Gung are brilliant for posture as is Alexander Technique...I wouldn't go for Yoga in your situation as it can be really strenuous. Don't do anything that causes your body any strain until you learn about mindfulness and relaxation techniques to get the pain levels under will just encourage muscle spasms and cramps. GP's are not experts in managing chronic pain unless they take a special interest in it, in my experience they may well mean well but that doesn't nessecarily help you. It's vital that they realise how much pain you are in...I know it's not ideal but if they haven't already asked you tell them where your pain levels are on a scale of one to ten, one being very mild, Ten being unbearable. Keep a sleep and pain level diary for the next few days and take it with you to the GP...they need what they consider as objective info...langauge often doesn't help because it's so subjective but show them the numbers and there's no confusion or misinterpretation. Try and stay as relaxed as you can between now and visiting the GP. I didn't sleep properly for over 2 years so hang in there and keep your diaries. A sleep diary involves trying to mark down exact times for sleep and when you are awake...I think you can gat apps for it if that helps. Food diary speaks for itself. Just write down what you eat and drink and the times you do it, include everything. pain diary is writing down the levels on a scale of 1 to 10 every hour or so, include the exact time if poss. Apart from on the hour include the peaks and troughs if you have them (the worst times and best times) One more thing, make sure you don't stay in the same postition for any more than 15 minutes...this means that if you are sitting down, every 15 mins change your position...either stand up or lie down very gently. and lost important of all, be kind to your self. What you are going through is a very real thing and don't let anyone belittle it or you. Good luck.

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Thank you all so much I will definitely keep a pain and sleep diary and push for a referral.

The relaxation techniques sound very positive as I have terrible posture but am trying to be aware of this and correcting it when I realise. I will let you know how it goes, thanks again everyone.


See a chiropractor. Look up the NICE guidelines regarding chiropractor treatment on the NHS and discuss them with a GP.


I had a slipped disc and took pain relief for a long time and it never really sorted my back out, I then went to see an Osteopath who did various things to my back and gave advice , and although I occasionally pull my back and it goes into spasm, I can now do the exercises I was given and it heals quickly, so if you haven't already seen an Osteopath its worth trying.


MRI scan. For now, Valium or any of those kind to reduce your anxiety. For pain, see if

you can get subutex. It's not like all the other opioid and it works very fast. It was created for pain but is also used to keep people clean off drugs.


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