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Hi all, you have all given me great advice with my back Problem over the past two weeks so thank you. The MRI shows disc compression

A few other arthritic issues with the nerves. Doc does not think an op is suitable at the comment, however has referred Me to msk clinic in 2 weeks where they give cortisone injections etc. is this effective, have any of you had this injection and gotten relief?

Thanks in advance..

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Cortisone injections can be really effective at reducing pain, BUT...... cortisone is a steroid, and steroids have long term side effects. You are unlikely to be just having a single injection, so please do discuss in detail with the doctor what the real long term risks are before you start this course of action. There will be times when it is the right thing to do, but I do think too many people just agree without ever understanding or measuring the risks against the benefits and doctors don't seem to be particularly forthcoming about the long term risks (that can include a dramatically increased risk of spinal fracture for epidural injections, as well as the possibility of osteonecrosis and increasing the rate of osteoporosis, or even development of a syrinx that could put pressure on the spinal cord). Do some googling yourself, so you have some specific questions to ask.

Having said that, I had a spinal cortisone injection about 6 weeks ago, and it was absolutely brilliant, though I am going to discuss the issues around repeated use in depth with my doctor before I agree to the next one.


My MRI diagnosis was fairly similar.

After years of conscientiously trying but not really getting much relief via everything sensible in terms of alternative therapies & lifestyle management & Rx NSAIDs + analgesics, what REALLY helped me hugely was a series of bilateral facet joint denervations.

So, if you respond well to cortisone injections, but chronic spine pain continues to re-emerge, i suggest you discuss these sort of denervations with your consultant. The diagnostic blocks used as tests to determine whether you're a candidate for denervations are similar to cortisone injections.

I totally agree with earthwitch: I have steroid injections for another chronic pain syndrome elsewhere in my bod and have had to deal with side effects, which can be complicated in several ways


I have the same diagnosis as well. Just about to have my second lot of injections.I have described the first lot as life changing, absolutely brilliant. Be prepared for a long wait though. I was told there was a 6 month wait for the pain clinic so I went private and had it done in 2 weeks. It cost £1500 though. Be prepared to be very uncomfortable for a few days and be patient. I was told that that It would take 7-10 days after the injections for the pain to get better. I was getting very anxious when I got to day 7 but once day 10 passed things got a lot better.


Thank you so much...that sounds very positive. My appt is 27th feb...did the injection hurt?


Sorry to say yes they did hurt. I was so excited that the day had come for the injections that I hadn't even thought about the injections hurting. Please don't let that put you off though it is so worth it.


Definitely won't let it put me off..when my leg and hip are sore can get no relief whatsoever, so whatever it takes I am up for, seems like I got luck with the time frame too..that referral only being 4 weeks or so in total.

Thanks again for the encouraging advice!


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