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Yesterday the fire alarm went off.

Steph screams, Jake heads for the cover of the toilets and my supply teacher heads for the wrong door.

But we do get to the assembly point with out loosing our current challenge who for once has all her clothes on.

However when we fetch back up in class ready for our snack the alarm is still shrilling and shouting its head off. It continues for 20 minutes. Someone had forgotten to tell the new care taker how to disconnect the thing down our end. The rest of the school is enjoying playtime and a cuppa in peace.

Despite the intervention of Luke's hoodie the vibrations made me feel sick and stirs the children to fever pitch.

Today I feel less than my best. But step out with man and a whippet just as the first drops of rain plunk. I suddenly feel a bit of a spring in my step and I get bouncier. By the time we reach home again the skies have darkened so much that the street lamps come on. The wind whips around whippet nearly blowing him over and the hail starts. God is rolling ball bearings above with added effect of lighting. I can feel the vibration though out my body.

I love thunder storms so stay out to absorb every electrical charge I can . Zayna is having a fag and a cough out side the pub. He has caught me at this before and this will surely seal my fate as officially bonkers.

Carole my next door neighbour sticks her head out to check I am ok and alert me to the fact the telegraph pole could do for me.

But I truly don't care. What a wonderful way to go. In the middle of a storm.

However I am still here. And felt so invigorated I cleaned the bedroom.

It was really odd I could feel the change in the atmosphere as it moved off.

I suspect though being of a wimpish disposition I wouldn't care to experience one of the spectacular shows that cause havoc around the world.

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Love your enjoyment of a good storm! I had a friend (mental health colleague) who used to say that the best way to "ground" someone who was heading for a mental illness episode was to take them out in the rain. They got to feel and connect directly with nature, which theoretically stopped them from going off into their own little world of psychosis. Seemed to work though. I live right at the very north of Scotland and we get some pretty good weather here, and apart from sometimes having difficulty standing (even with my four "legs" - two mine and two crutches) it does feel good being outside in it - at least for a little while. Inside with the heating on is nice too.


Do you know I think your colleague was on to something. I do think there is something therapeutic about being out in nature. I must confess to being a bit of a tree hugger.

When ever I feel sorry for myself I count my blessing that I can still walk, and cycle although not as far as I used to. Do you have one of those mobility scooter? I think they are brilliant. At some Arboretum's you can hire them.

I make it a bit of a mission at work to encourage the children outside when ever I can.

Have a good week.



Well, as the Beach Boys sang "Good Vibrations" (at least I think it was the Beach Boys, slightly before my time but my dad indoctrinated me into his choice of music).


You reminded me what a feel good song this was.


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