Hi does it take the pain away ? but at what cost ? This is only my second day on this medication and with a 10 mg tablet once a day I find that I am tired already . I took my pill just now as I dont want to feel too tired at work I start at 6am and stop at 10 am. By that time I am well and truly an completely knackered. Will see just what diference it makes being on ami.

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  • Hello

    We all take the good and bad with medications, Amytryptalene is an anti- depressant the contraindication is suppressing nurological pain It can work well, if not there are several other ones that can be prescribed some contraindications can effect sleep, so the best time to take them is about thirty mins before bed. Also give them time to work it can take about 3/4 weeks

    Good luck

    Bob .

  • I agree with Bob. I tried it a few years ago and was told not to expect any difference for at least two weeks. The doses used for pain management are much lower than those used for depression and as such I think the Doc's don't expect much to happen very quickly, however...I had a really bad reaction to it and had to stop taking it after about ten days...I think everyone responds so differently to different meds that if you have any qualms at all just go back to your GP and have a chat. As Bob said there are so many different meds you can try, Amitryptiline really is just the first in a long list so good luck with it all.

  • I am taking it for athritis in my jaw, I got around the sleepiness by taking it at bedtime,it does give me some releif but not as much as I had hoped,it took me about 2 week to get used to it,good luck

  • It does take about a week to two weeks to get used to this med, so that doziness should start wearing off soon. I was advised to take it a full 12 hours before I wanted to get up in the morning, though even doing that I was still fairly zonked for a few days. Unfortunately I had to stop taking it because of other side effects. Just remember that even if you were told to increase it slowly, you may not need to - 10 mg does do its job in a lot of cases, so you would only need to increase it if you weren't getting any relief from it. Pain modifying doses are anything from 10 mg a day to 50 mg a day with most folk getting good relief at 10-25 mg (and with above 75 mg a day not having any additional pain relieving effect) whereas antidepressant doses start at 50 mg a day and can go to around 150 mg a day.

  • I'm on fifty ami a night, I did get to one hundred a night, but it and me too forgetful. I take mine just as I am getting into bed.

  • I used to take it early evening about 6pm as if not couldn't function next morning. It does help pain by relaxing your muscles.

  • Amytryptaline is also a slight sedative if you have trouble to sleep. evening is definately the best time to take them. It also helps suppress anger. If you suffer from depression this can be prescribed and then helps with any other issues brought on by that. If you have physical pain it would relax you to help your body if its mental pain, then these can help with that too. I also confirm that it takes 3/4 weeks to take effect properly. kind regards

  • My 15 year old daughter was prescribed this for the lower back pain/leg pains she has been suffering for the past 10 months. It completely zonked her out and so she has stopped taking it. Unfortunately none of the other pain killers she has taken have helped and she continues to be in constant pain. Her MRI Scan, ultrasound scan, X-Rays or blood tests all came back as normal. She is currently having physio and sessions in the hydro pool once a week and is using the tens machine every day but she still does not appear to be any better. However, the latter may well work for you.

  • Hi honey,

    Yea, like most medications it can take a few weeks to start feeling the benefits as it needs to build up in your system. Also I'm assuming you'll be increasing your dose each week? That will also help. You might need to play around with what time you take it - as mentioned yesterday, if I take it 30 mins before bed there's not a hope in hell I'll get up in the morning but

    if I take it around 6pm, I'm fine when I get up at 7.

    I know it's hard when you're in pain, I hope it starts working for you soon xxx

  • i doubt you will notice anything on 10 Mg, i take 100 Mg along with 7 different types of pain killers all the Amitriptyline does is help me sleep a little i don't think it is any type of pain killer if i do not take it I dont sleep much more than a couple of short naps10 to 30 minutes each but when i take it i can get around 4 hrs straight sleep which is great for me.

  • Hey.

    If this helps: I take 60mg throughout the day as I suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I find it helps me get through the day in regards to pain. I am in constant pain and work a 40 hour week so its a god send! I have also noticed its made me put on weight too :/ ach well.

    I am up at 5am and get back to my house at 8pm, along with a concoction of other medication. It definitely helps although I vary my dosage as and when.


  • Hi, I started on 10mg on Ami but have slowly increased to 75mg as it wasn't working. I do feel the sedative side effects of the drug, but for me it helps as my Fibro really affects my sleep.

  • I have used Amytryptalene for years for Migraines.It is not helping much now. It takes time for it to work but if you use it for some time be careful about coming of it. You will have withdrawal symptoms.

  • Hi All

    I have been on them (amitriptyline) for a number of years now and when I was first put on it I would take half a ten mg tablet on a friday and would wake up on a Sunday afternoon feeling like death warmed up. Slowly over the years I have increased my consumption from %ng on a Friday to 50 mg every night (12 hours before I get up) and now am not sure if it is actually working but am scared that if I stop it then I find it was doing good I might have to go back to the weaning on again.

    I also have Clonazepam and Gabapentin and Zomorph among some others for none pain related problems so when I went from the Tramadol to the Zomorph I weaned off one to the other and have noticed only a slight difference and am wondering whether to go back to the Tramadol, Just an so unsure as it may be doing better than I thought, Just do not know what to do.

    Take care and kindest regards


  • I'm liz I use amitriptyline 10mg every night get great releif from RLS but takes abt 2 weeks to kick in good luck hope it works for u

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