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Pain Clinic, should I ask for a 2nd opinion?

I had a spinal fusion for scoliosis last July and although my spine is now straight I have been left in significantly more pain.

Some of the pain is from my ligaments being pulled kicking and screaming into a new position and some from a sciatica type pain. I have difficulty walking, sitting, sleeping. In fact difficulty in pretty much everything.

I am taking amitryptiline, gabapentin, oxycontin 60mg bd and oxynorm for breakthrough pain.

I have been to the pain clinic and have not found it helpful. In fact the consultant spread his hands and said 'I don't know what to suggest and according to my GP has intimated that he has nothing to offer.

The pain management team does group work only and I have been told I am 'too bad' for the physio's and probably 'not appropriate for the psychologists', but I could go if I wanted. Their sessions are 2 1/2 hours which I can't sit through.

My question is......what else is available? Is the consultant right? Obviously i have tried TENS, heat, stretching, pacing, mindfulness and anything I can do but I'm tired, sore and miserable and getting through the day takes all my energy.

Thank you

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Hello Lilyjan

No CP sufferer is ever beyond help. You will probably never be free from pain bit that is different.

You say you have tried Tens, stretching etc. Did the pain management team give you this info or did you find out elsewhere?

The management team do exactly that. Help you to manage. Combination of exercise, drugs, pacing yourself and maybe alternative therapy. Acupuncure to name one. Have you spoken with the, rather than the consultant?

The classes you mentioned may mean you can't sit all that time but could you go for half? Personally loads of people trying to tell you their pain's worse than yours isn't for everyone but being taught how to manage and live with your pain is a good way to learn.

Too many people expect their lives to retirn to how it was before the accident, injury ot whatever caused the pain. Life never does but there is so much you can do. You'd be surprised!

Sometimes the help given by either the CP clinic or others with years of knowledge needs to be tweaked and jiggle to suit you. Drug cupboard is almost overflowing but no 2 people use the same combination. It takes time.

So get nack in ouch with the clinic but not the consultant. Read the leaflets and do ask. Find out a bit more about the classes - they are there to help.

If all else fails - come on here and scream. We are all here to help each other.

Pat x


Thank you for your kind words. I think you guessed about how low I am feeling. I developed tinnitus about 10 weeks ago which has been the icing on the cake. I am also trying to decide whether to apply for ill health retirement although I think matters may be taken out of my hands soon. I can barely make it through the day but really miss work and all that it means.


Hello chuck.

You is having a rough time. No wonder you have no energy.

Patton has covered most things.

But really look at what you do and how your body reacts by keeping a pain diary. I have learnt somethings really ramp the pain up. It might not kick in for at least 24 hours so it can be difficult to isolate the triggers unless you record your activities and pain over time. It is about avoiding the dreaded flare up and keeping the sod grumbling rather than roaring.

Failing that come and roar here.

Good luck.


thank you . I don't know whether it's better or worse to be around people who know what it's like. It's the first time I've really cried for days. Sometimes it all feels too much.


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