Fascet joint injections

Had my injections today am really hoping they work its last chance saloon. Have many people had good results from it? Im really finding the impending xmas takin it toll, am so worried about getting all the kids stuff since im kinda housebound at the min, am preparing myself for a trip to asda wit the help of my son hes 12 . Just to get the turkey and ham and the stocking stuff. Have been tellin the hubby im struggling but he just doesn't realise how bad, argh rant over think im getting even more depressed then usual feel so feckin helpless......

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  • Hi Suedub. I wish you well for your injections and your current recovery. I have had 4 different types of injections in my back. Facet Join, Nerve block, epidural, and all have failed for me. However that's not to say it wont for you as everyone is different. Take it easy, and don't do anything you shouldn't. Just getting out the house will help your mind and mood - but chin up! :)

  • Hi chuck

    This time of year tests our resources. Have you got to grips with the "you shop we drop" chaps.

    Me and Mr Tesco have a good relationship. It certainly saves on energy.

    Hope you have luck with the injections. Keep on truckin.


  • Hello

    Good luck hope the injections work for you. My daughter is getting some relief from her epidural.

    Shopping, I've done most of mine on line. No more carrying heavy bulky parcels. I've even got to know my postman better. Well that's another present to order. Ebay has been a god send. New goods at a fraction of shop prices.

    Hope you feel better soon


  • My friend has facet joints done and has a lot of relief. Asdo do home delivery shopping as does Tesco, who I find easier to shop.. I can't do supermarkets unless I'm having a really good day! Thank goodness for, amazon, play.com etc etc... Hope it goes well. X

  • Hope all goes well with injection, unless your pain can be seen, a lot of people just don't get it! It is hard but I have come to realise that, if my husband hasn't understood what I am going through by now, he never will. I put it aside as it just makes me feel so many negative emotions that I do not need.

    Your son will be really proud of himself in being able to help you. Take time to look into online shopping, I only make use of it when I am having a nightmare of a day as sometimes it is good to get out just to distract your mind from the pain. Hope all goes well, Ann.xx

  • Thanks everyone, Im very familiar with the good ould tinternet shopping the troops would starve without it lol.... As for the injection im in more pain now then before anesthetic me arse. I think its just the little things tat im finding hard its going to be the last xmas that my daughter will believe in santy she nearly 8 so all the bit n pieces i usually get is harder. im just going to have to do a list of everything i need and work from there if only i could be arsed...... Im just going to have make myself. Thanks just feelin so frustrated and overwhelmed, Cheers Sue xxxx

  • Hi, don't worry that you are in a lot of pain following the injections. It is still very early days, I could hardly move for 2 days after my injections but then the pain started to improve slowly. My consultant told me that the pain would get worse before it got better and he was right. he told me it would take 7-10 days to work and it took till day 11 before I realy felt the benefits. I tried twice to reduce my medication twice but I have been unable to as the pain didn't reach as far as the pain in my hip. Despite that I was very pleased with the results and i actually found myself again if that makes sense. That funloving woman who felt at least 10 years younger than she was with a zest for life had vanished due to the extreme pain I was in. On the down side though 11 weeks on and the pain is returning but still not at it's previous level it's probably about 50% better now than before and 2 weeks after I had it done it was about 90% better. I am listed to have the injections again but I have been told it wo't be till Feb. I got a TENS machine today so I am hoping that this will plug the gap for now. Try and stay positive and make the best you can of christmas

  • Hi, is this the same condition as Sacroiliitis? I have diagnosed myself through the web as I can't get a Doctors app. It's excruciating and not sure what to do in the meantime, any ideas welcome.

  • Hiya, you really need to get into your GP and ask for a referral for a MRI then you can go from there, im lucky with my doctor she understands. Is easy to look up thing online but its better to be sure, just tell them its a emergency u might have to wait but its better to be sure and they can prescribe you with stronger pain meds. I hope you get it sorted let me know how you get on, good luck xxxx

  • finally got an appointment for tomorrow evening, will let you know. Thanks for your advice

  • I have had a dozen and a half, they worked @ first and then no not-like I have heard or seen in other people. I really haven't had permanent relief, although, I did have partial relief which is better than nothing! Hopefully, your in the group that does get relief. Good Luck to you.

  • I've had them done twice. First time I was pain free for a year the second time they had no effect whatsoever. Fingers crossed you get some relief x

  • I wish you all the best for getting the steroid injections done...

    I had them done 2yrs today and they weren't any help for me...

    It has been said that this treatment works for some....there are the unlucky ones in which it doesn't help....

    Take care


  • Ist just a waiting game at the min, all the other injections iv had didnt work so will just have to wait and see...... Will keep ye all posted Sue xxx

  • Hi Suedub,

    I had one injection into my spine last June and thankfully it has worked for me so far, although my lower back still aches at night, during the day I can walk around and stand and am driving again and have given up most meds - was on Morphine liquid and patches and Amitriptylene for about 9 months and in terrible pain at times. Physio helped too, My Consultant will only give one more injection so am hoping this won't be necessary too soon.

    I do hope you are feeling some relief by now


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