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My fiace and i were out 4 wheelin and well we hit a jump in my jeep a little to hard so when we landed it was a hard hit and she was in pain

Instanly we when we went to the doctors they sai that her t12 was pushing into her spinal could tgey dont know if its stable or need surgery yet till the mri in acouple days saying this is it good to massge her back cuz she is in pain

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Didn't her GP prescribe pain killers of any sort?

My initial thoughts of massage is no until you know what is wrong. Even gently could cause movement around the injury.

Maybe heat, if you have a heat blanket - or wrapped hot water bottle followed by, ice packs.

And kkeep away from bumpy tracks in future!

Pat x


She does not like taking pills and refuses to because of problems with her mom. so she wont do that. I mean she takes advil. And stuff like that just no narcoutics. She ask me to massge her but when i get close to that disk to just to very lighty do but im never i dont want to hurt her more i feel bad enough for what happend... And ya you are right she with not be going on another one of the fun rides as my buddies and i call it


For short term pain relief she will not become an addict. If she does need surgery it is worth noting that anesthetic contains morphine. I hope she won't refuse that!

Others here will have different suggestions but it is her choice to put up with unnecessary pain.

Good Luck to you both.

Pat x


I would not recommend massage of any sort unless advised by a physio or doctor. Ibuperfen may help swelling and pain and as pat says a heat blanket or ice, maybe a warm bath.

See your GP and ask for help so that you do the right thing.



Definately no massage. Hot/cold pads which ever is more soothing (heat brings blood to the area and more oxygen to help natural healing process and cold takes blood away and is more like an anaesthetic).

I've found through trial and error that massaging something near the sore bit, like a bum cheek or thigh will also give a similar massaging effect to the sore bit. The nerves seem to network and sooth a larger area.

Meditation will help to take her away from the pain and can be done as often as you like. A little drop of lavender oil under the nostrils will cause a calming and relaxing effect as its breathed in. In fact, if you go to an aromatherapist, they can mix up some oils that will help with the pain, that can be breathed in the same way.

I too don't take pain killers and am far from putting up with unecessary pain. Pain is communication from the brain about a part of the body that has been injured. I read my pain and use an appropriate treatment on it. I don't ever get pain free, but the meds I started out on were worse at controlling the pain, and affecting other parts of my body with side effects.



I have not had good results with these but there are lots of pain relief creams like Ibrufen and Ralgex which she can put on to the affected area so she knows where to put it so she does not hurt herself to much.

Again as everyone else has said check with her doctor and he may prescribe something better.

Take care and Kindest regards



I agree. Absolutely no massage until the MRI is done and confirms everything is OK. And agree too about hot or cold - whichever feels best. Cold can be best if its inflamed still, but heat can be nice and soothing.


Hello BOB here

When sitting try to take the weight of the lower back where the tale used to be, a cushion pushed forward under the bottom may work, and give some relief.

Cushions that have a cut away can to ease that stress can be purchased or ordered from BOOTS

Good luck with the scan



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