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Passing it on to you.

Things have a way of dropping into my life in unexpected ways.

(I have one of them snoozing on the sofa as I write, whippet arrived via a bike ride, long story).

Yesterday the small grandson and I were exploring bells. We ended up taking a trip around Big Ben via utube. And as you do started hopping around space discovering lots of beautiful bells all over the world.

The 1st thing I heard on the radio this morning was the sound of a bell filling the kitchen. Which led to me discovering this guy who makes singing bowls.

I am passing on the link to a sound clip found quite a long way down the page just before the photo's.

It gave me such a sense of peace as tension drained, the sound resonated with in my body taking me to another place, anything that can do that and is legal has got to be worth trying in my book.

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All things positive cannot be bad




The bells the bells, if it helps and you relaxed then do it.

I must admit I do not find bells relaxing but each to their own.



Hi nutty

I did wonder while out walking whippet if it might actually induce pain in some one suffered with face and neck problems.


Interesting theory I know that my daughters music gives me a constant headache lol


This comment made me smile. What on earth do you daughters listen to? But on a serious note. Music can be very powerful. I think that I should get it out of my pain coping tool box more more often. If nothing else it may stop me reaching for the comfort food.


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