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Desperate for help, Lower left abdo pain and chronic constipation.


Hi Everyone, not sure if this is the right group to post in but i am at my whits end.

It all started in March this year, lower left abdo pain that at times has crippled me. I went for a pelvic ultra sound and had bloods done but all was clear apart from some free fluid around my uterus which the doctors weren't concerned with.

End of April and i had started noticing changes to my bowel habits. Not to be too open but i used to be regular, once in the morning and once in the evening, now i am barely going at all. I have been given Fibrogel (not sure how to spell), laxido, senna and ibs relief tablets all to no avail.

If i have gone it has been very small passing's, not painful but are covered in mucus some float and some dont.

I am at my whits end, the doctors have basically given up and said it is just something i will have to adapt to. How can i adapt when i am in so much pain.

The pain has not lessened in any way, i get up and go to work because i have no choice, but how can they do a scan at the beginning then things change (bowels) and not be concerned?

it seems as if they are focused on giving me all the laxatives to try but not on the pain that started before the changes?

I am really unsure what to do. If any of you can shed any light on what i am experiencing i would be so grateful.

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Hi megs1990, so I take it your 37,as sometimes it helps knowing how old someone is, just to try and narrow things down, yes the pain issue for you must be worrying and looking at your stools might leave you in a distressed way, taking laxatives on a long term basis is not the best way out, as normally it says not to be used for a long period of time, you seriously need to get to your doctor and demand that you get all the tests done for you to find out what's going on within your stomach, I suppose IBS has been mentioned already and diverticulitis has also been put forward? Have you given a stool sample in? You might need to have a camera put up your back passage if you've not had that done already? And I suffered with ulcerative colitis and my stools were covered with mucus and blood, but I was the opposite as I was never of the toilet and the pains used to come in like a wave sensation it built-up and disappeared and so on, there's also chrons disease which means there's inflammation in the bowels, these conditions are normally caused by stress or sometimes other members of your family have had these conditions as it can be inherited, so try not to Google everything otherwise you'll end up diagnosing yourself silly, but please go and see your GP if your based in England, it's really difficult to give any clear cut answers because I think you'll find folk on here tend to discuss on going complaints but also can shed a little information about conditions that they have had on the past, I've had numerous problems with my stomach over the years so I do understand your concerns, if you smoke or drink I would advise you to give it up, as they are both an irratent to the bowels,hopefully you will get this sorted out soon, ttfn

megs1990 in reply to Cb1963

Hi cb1963. I am 26 years old not sure if I set up my profile correctly.

There has been no mention of potentials from my doctor. I just don't know what I can do when they keep giving me laxatives and say that's what we need to sort first. The pain started way before I had any issues at all with my bowels. Tey have never asked for a urine or stool sample which is why I am now getting further frustrated as in my head all be it no doctor but you would cover the basics first as in ask for stool sample.

I am making another appointment this week as the pain has been worse. I have looked at things that potentially trigger it but there is never a pattern 😕

Cb1963 in reply to megs1990

OK not to worry about your profile, the only reason I asked is because certain stomach conditions go occasionally hand in hand with age, I started with ulcerative colitis when I was 18,and had several bad flare ups, and stopped after about a year, but then had more flare ups when I was around 27,and that lasted around 6 months but eventually grew out of this disease, but my stomach has always given me problems and I'm now in my mid fifties,yes you must see your doctor and ask for a referral to see a stomach specialist if he decides to do the basic tests which really after having the problems your having should really be a priority if they still come back negative,I'm sorry it's probably not all the answers you are looking for but I can only tell you what I know and have had, and I know it's probably strange more a less trying to explain your symptoms to someone you don't know, but most people and this forum are really genuine good people and only want the best for people to get better and if anyone else can shed any more light on your condition I'm sure they will, so whilst you are probably really not looking forward to going to see your GP, just express your concerns and how worried you are,and hopefully you will get a clear diagnosis to see if you can get the appropriate treatment,if you have any concerns in between time you can always ring the NHS 111 service, this service saved my life last year as I had an internal stomach bleeding last Year, all I can say with out being to crude is any fresh blood in the stools is normally associated with bleeding near the tail end of the bowels and any dark and smelly like tar blood is further up in the stomach, I wish you all the best and hopefully you will be given a clean bill of health in the next few days.

Thank you so much x it just helps when others have similar issues and even just you responding is making me feel better 😊

Have you had a gastric emptying test done? Are you having problems eating and drinking like feeling full quickly and possibly feeling nausea... if so you could have gastroparesis.

megs1990 in reply to DISC

I've only had an ultra sound and bloods done nothing else. I often get bloated and can't eat much as it's too uncomfortable when I eat a full meal x

Huskywomen in reply to DISC

I get that, I feel full quickly and feel nauseous and feel I could faint with it ,I find ranitidine helps and nausea disappear

Hi Megs.. I had a similar thing a few years ago. I was seriously constipated I was given various laxatives and enemas which worked in as much as things passed through, but I still had the pain on both the left and bottom right and what I passing was quite thin..I do wonder about laxatives as they work by drawing fluid , but if there's a block somewhere it might be acting too quickly to shift it. To cut a long story short, I ended up taking human grade diatomaceous earth which is a silica because I was concerned about a possible build up of harmful bacteria in my colon. Well it worked. It didn't give me diarrhoea ... but boy.. I couldn't believe how much my system was bunged up. After taking it a few times, everything went back to normal and the pain eventually went. I take it now from time to time and try to ensure I drink enough fluids and eat lots of leafy veg and fruit... I eat a very little rice or pasta, pastries, banana as I find that's binding, and keep off of processed foods. I find a brisk walk can help too. Don't be put of when you read that d.e. powder is used as an animal wormer, it's the human grade you want.. Hopefully that will help you.. if not, then do go back to your gp, but laxatives are not a good idea long term.

Guyb in reply to saj01

Hi that's very good advice I did just the same cut pasta rice potato and red meat no processed lots of pears,figs,peaches,green veg home made food bowels gently opened and out it all came now

neverfelt fitter and no salty food use spices to add taste

Hi Megs,

In addition to numerous other medical problems I have been coping with various bowel related problems since my mid-teens. I have been given various 'diagnoses ' from professional and non-professional sources over the years, and have had several tests. Originally I was told it was stomach migraine; then I had my appendix removed; then I was told it was IBS; ( which is the longest lasting diagnosis) also diverticulitis and gastritis.... Oh, and early on menstrual problems, much late menopausal ones!!

I may have forgotten something. 😗

The point is my symptoms haven't been particularly consistent over time; but currently, in addition to pain and varying bowel habits, I have severe bloating and a restricted social life plus I can find very few remotely comfortable clothes. I also cannot eat much at a time. A relatively short time ago I lost quite a lot of weigh

I ran out of space. Sorry. I was trying to say that although it is very worrying for you (as well as painful of course) and very inconvenient. Plus, quite possibly, too little help from drs, there mY not be any straightforward - or indeed ANY - answer at all.

I do hope you manage to get this sorted. If it is very severe go to A&E if you are in the U.K., or its equivalent if elsewhere.

Again I suggest getting a stomach emptying test. You have to eat a round of toast with cooked egg, or cornflakes, which are laced with a radioactive additive which can be picked up on xray every 15 seconds while you lie on the bed. They do this for 2, 4, 6, or 7 hours dependent on the test. There are even longer tests but the NHS usually goes for the shorter option due to time and expense. They can see therefore how quickly, or slowly, food moves through the gut to determine whether you have Gastroparesis. A diagnosis can help with determining diet and medication. Good luck.

Chloe800 in reply to DISC

I would defiantly get the stomach emptying test like Disc states and eat really healthy. Home cooked, veg, etc.

Also use flax seed daily, about two table spoons daily. U can mix milk with flax seed or put it in fridge over night and it goes into a jelly substance, this jelly substance eases the food through your bowels. It helps with inflammation and cleanses your bowels too ! What ever you do diet changes will feel different at first but will settle and is better than laxatives :9)

hill-top in reply to Chloe800

Do you use ground or the actual flax seeds?

If you do have gastroparesis.... no fruit, veg or salads, I'm afraid. It's not a matter of eating healthily. It'll be mainly liquid style food too.... but you may not have the condition!

I am finally being referred to a gastroentorologist, am happy now that I know something is being done. Hopefully in a few weeks I will know

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