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RAMIPRIL i have just found out that it can cause pains to the joints

does anybody think this as because i have stenosis of the spine i have mentioned several times to my gp about the legs and the exstreme pain i have been on it for at least 7 years got app with gp to come off this drug.its high bp but i also take antenalol not body has mentioned it before i have just been ignored

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The above medication is given either for heart conditions or as a addition taken together with a statin, I cannot tell if it would cause joint pain although like most medications it has a good list of various contra indications Antenalol is used again for the heart so you will need to see the GP, contra indications here can sometimes be increased over time, so a further call may be needed to change this one. Only the doctor is qualified here to give advice, Personally I take above medication with a statin, because of my many over 60 s You do not give your age or reasons for taking this medication I only deal here for pain support.

Take a further look into your joint problems when you visit the doctor

All the best



hello bob

im 54 but i dont have a heart condition never had touch wood its only high blood prssure apart from the back and leg pain thankyou anyway for bothering to answer


Hi Jenf The British National Formulary says that Ramipril causes muscle cramps so I supose this is what you have ? It also has other side effects, but if you have been on it for 7 yrs you would think things would be ok. How is your Blood pressure? Always read the patient information leaflet or ask the Pharmacist. Best wishes Moggiemay


Yes Jenf I was on Ramipril for high bp. My medication had to be changed for muscle pain It was changed to losarton which I don't get extreme pain from. Hope u get sorted x


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