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Shingles anyone?

Just as I thought my pain couldn't get any worse - I have small fibre neuropathy - I now have facial shingles. Defo not the latest cat walk look I can assure you! The blisters are going down apart from the ones inside my lip, but the pain and sensitivity is MEGA! I have yet to be able to get through the night without being woken up by the pain and having to take extra painkillers. I am on Aciclovir so that should help. I know having shingles can last a wee while (!) but if anyone has any advice I would be really grateful. Cheers all :-)

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My friend has just got over shingles on her sciatic nerve. You need plenty rest and T.L.C. Hope you feel better soon. Xx


Aw thank you so much. Have had one week off work but still in a lot of pain along the affected nerve. Shingles on the sciatic nerve sounds awful. Xx


You take care hope you feel better soon xx


Try lemon grass tea bags. Drink the tea and dab the cooled bags on blisters. A friend swears by this. I haven't tried but if I ever get shingles again - I've been lucky enough to have twice!!! - then I will.


Thank you for this tip - relief and recycling in one! I'm at the 'blister drying' stage but the nerve pain in the scalp and face is something else!! Poor you getting shingles twice - I really hope you never get it again xxx


I have a cure for shingles. It is two essential oils added together. Gets rid of pain and spots in tests 60% cured, 20%helped and 20% were not helped. Send an email to me on the private part and I can give more details.

Use carefully and spread one drop as far as you can. it is geranium bourbon [NOT geranium] and add Manuka [NOT tea tree] and once you have mixed the two together then add some coconut fractionated or olive oil, rapeseed or similar to double the amoutn you have. That is one drop and no more put on at a time. Spread as far as it will go and under NO circumstances do you place it near the eyes or mouth. If anyone wants the full story then please ask for it but it is on the Shingles Society site.

I live in Skegness UK


Hi Skeggy

Thank you for your reply about natural oils. I am a great believer in natural remedies but unfortunately my spots are around my mouth and nose with the tenderness on my eyelid so I can't use the oils you recommend. I'll keep a note of them though just in case the nasty critters pop up again! X x


Yes do and if you want the full article that was published let me know but do not know how unless I can give you my email address somehow.


I've sent you a direct message with my email address in it so that you can send me the article . Ta muchly.


If you want any more info let me know. I get helped and then I can help others. This site is wonderful.


Got the email and info - thank you very much. So agree with the helping 'round robin'. I have received and been able to give help/support. Thanks again x


Hi Maggiet

I really feel for you, two lots of pain is really rubbish. I recommend lots of rest and TLC as others have said. The shingles itself should heal within a few weeks. Here's hoping you don't develop postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) - unfortunately this is what I have and it's very severe in my case. I'd also recommend multivitamins, things like vitamin C and zinc which help the immune system and the B vitamins which help nerves. Ask your pharmacist, they'll be able to help. Best wishes.


Hi little bear and thank you for your kind words. Ironically after a dismal failure with various prescription medications to control my SFN I had researched natural remedies and had just started taking them when the shingles struck! I am going to start taking them again to help get me back on my feet. Hope you get some relief from your pain soon. X x


You're welcome.

Unfortunately my pain has now moved on and developed into more complex neuropathic pain so I've got it for good I guess. However I've found pregabalin to really help, along with duloxetine so I'm doing OK thank you.

Best wishes x


Hello Maggiet,

Sorry to hear you are having so much bother with shingles.

There is a lot of it doing the rounds.

I was given a good tip some years ago by a well known Practitioner.

Really worked for me, and others.

Buy one large, fresh leek. With a sharp knife, pare off the very end root area,

Slice a chunky bit off the white end, about 2 inches long.

Cover with clingfilm and refrigerate until really cold.

Remove from 'frig and dab on spots/ blisters

Replace cling film and put back in 'frig.

This can be repeated quite often using the same piece.

Reserve the rest for further use.

Only down side is will smell of onion...but really worth it!

I do hope you feel better soon x


Thanks for the tip granna. I can give that a try as I have leeks. My main problem now is the nerve pain especially in my scalp - it's driving me nuts! I'm off to docs this morning for a sick note as I've already had one week off work :-(


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