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Horrendous pain

I am presumed to have atypical, steroid-responsive polymyalgia rheumatica, t am currently supposed to be on 10mg prednisolone daily, having had a week of 10mg and 12.5mg alternate days after two weeks on 15mg, . My GP is anxious that I reduce quickly. My symptoms were initially very responsive to steroids, but I've been having a lot of pain on 10mg. This morning I could hardly get out of bed and walk.

Yesterday I saw the rheumatologist for the first time. I had blood tests taken (previous ones were negative), and various x-rays. She didn't even ask about my steroid use and gave no advice. I see her again in 6 weeks.

Since I have been on 10mg, the pain - and now disability - has been severe. My GP is away, but I have asked for a phone call. I hope to be allowed 1-2 weeks on 15mg before reducing, I've never had so much pain from it.

I have to go out shortly and am really struggling. Late afternoon I have another vet appointment, then tomorrow little Twix is castrated.

Wow - I can't remember this amount of musculo-skeletal pain before. My typing is becoming worse by the minute!


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best wishes Ann i hope your pain subsides a bit and Twix has a good vet visit. x


Would just like to wish you all the best Ann...

Keep the chin up....

All the best... Joe.


Hello Ann

Iam sorry too hear that you have so much pain,try and take it easy,as ,much a you can,poor little Twix seems will need attention also so you can both comfort each other. What type of pet is Twix they will always give comfort in their own way

Look after yourself and Twix you can always come here for support

All very best



Poor you Ann! I hope the GP service can fix you up today. At least Twix will get some pain relief! Thinking of you. X


Feel for you with all that pain.x


I'm now allowed to compromise on 12.5mg then reduce by 1mg at a time!

I've been struggling with my animals - fancy rats - and had two put to sleep this week - a lovely old girl who had a stroke and a youngster who had a tumour as well as an abscess. Two more young ones had abscesses, so are on antibiotics - and Twix now has to wait for his overactive hormones to die down before he goes in with a group!

Still not feeling good - very shaky.


Losing your wee pals will have made matters worse.


Has anyone checked for muscle spasms?


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