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Hello Bob again

Sometimes I wonder about time and disability, When I was in my late thirties I got the first signs of disability, I was very active.

Now I wonder how this period of life has effected me, because of my mental problems, and chronic pain.

When I reached sixty,I seemed to wake up from this fugg, and wonder why this time has passed me by, I can remember the 80s, although very little in between, I wonder if I am unique on this. As because of my condition my brain does not allow me to concentrate,I live it seems for the moment

All the best


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Yes, am a bit of the same...after all that I have been through from 2008, then last year I got diagnosed disabled, from then on am just living for the moment...

I also admit that my concentration ain't the same as it use to be...

So ye am just living and loving my moment, it's great...wouldn't change it now...

So getting used to it...



Its not just us, others get burnt out with adrenaline overload or stress, and have the same mental problems. We just get the package - disability and mental problems.

Living for the moment is better, and for me its not about getting the next load of washing done, its exploring the world, myself and creativity.

Joe you seem a lot more cheery these days. Somethings working :)


I used to love painting and art related things - I've got all the gear - but I can hardly get through the day now - just about surviving. I really love and miss my creative side. Complete exhaustion and shakes has me in a vice. I need to have a fairly clean and tidy house - as if everything gets messy - it effects my already high stress levels. But I do feel that I am letting myself down. We are more than just physical beings - and I miss my creative self. Good wishes to you on your creative journey.


I started my disability at thirteen, in my twenties it got worse and in my thirties where I am now it's horrendous but I am still fighting although there are many days I don't have the strength like today just putting one foot in front of the other is hard and so painful, it nearly 8 in the morning and after two hours sleep I am on my eleventh pill. Hope it gets better at least to make dinner tonight. Wishing you all a good day and keep fighting the pain monster xxx


Creativity is part of the recovery process. If you can get into the zone (meditation will help with that) your brain releases happy hormones. The more you do it the easier it becomes. Then its just a case of topping up the happy hormones. Takes a while to establish though.


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