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Alternative treatment

Well folks tonight I am having a hypnotherapy session followed by a chiropractor session, 2 and a half hours to 3hrs in total but I have to do something as I am getting nowhere with dr's and consultants, the pain is changing and moving into other parts of me and I am so low in mood, yesterday we went to relatives for lunch and just before we left one of them said they wanted the old me back,well I do to it gives me no pleasure to be a miserable grumpy so and so.

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let us know how you got on.



Yes, please do. Hope it helps.


Do what you have to do. And if the treatments don't work for you, at least you have done something positive and proactive in giving it a go. Just remember that some things don't work first time and you may have to go for a few treatments before you see any benefits. But also remember that if you are going for months and months and not seeing any change for the better then it's probably not working. (Take it from one who learnt the hard way financially).

Some treatments - medical or otherwise - might not "cure" your pain completely, but it may be that a combination of things helps. Keep an open mind.

As for the comment about wanting the old you back - it was probably kindly meant, but frustrating to hear as you're not exactly choosing to be in pain & grumpy.

Good luck, hope things improve for you.


Hope it goes well for you :)


Hello Snappy

Whatever turns you on, If it works for you you do what gives you relief, it would be good if it was included on the NHS

Tell us how you got on

All the very best





Hope they work well for you. I am in the same position, in the middle of trying acupuncture, one thing that I haven't tried yet! However, I'm not getting much relief yet but hoping that it kicks in soon :)

Best wishes!

C x


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