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Leg presents as DVT

I've only been out of compression bandages for 2weeks and put into stockings,however

For the last 2days my leg has been very swollen and very hard to the touch,

Now I was in compression bandages because l have a vascular ulcer.ive just finished a course of shockwave treatment on the ulcer .

I went to the nurse and she measured my calf and it's around 44 my other leg measures 39

She got the doc through hr said keep an eye on it over night ,the nurse said she felt l should

Have my leg s and for a clot ...l

I'm home and it's been 7hours since l seen doc my leg still very hard and swollen should l

Phone doc and say l wan scan to rule out clot ,tommorow morning ?

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Ps, I should say I was born without a inferior vena cava,my body made lots of little veins to

Compensate ,but over last 5 years I've had leg ulcers and big problems with drainage


is it hot??? could be cellulitis !! and also hard and maybe bit red?


God, yes. GP definitely! Big hug Jackie. Keep us posted. X


hi Jackie

so sorry to see you are having so many problems! From what you have told me about you leg and the way you describe it as being very swollen and hard- i would be inclined to get back to your GP asap. firstly as summer mentioned, if it is hot to touch as well it could also indicate cellulitis- when your legs swell a lot you are very prone to cellulitis infections, it only takes very tiny breaks(not even visible and often caused by the skin tension itself) in the skin to allow bacteria to take hold and all the extra blood in the tissue gives an good growth medium but also limits your own immune system to get in and deal with it- i have had cellulitis a couple of times- that are not to be messed with any more than a dvt both need to be seen and dealt with promptly.

cellulitis often needs IV antibiotics as well as bed rest with the leg p to help reduce the swelling and i was not allowed to use my compression stockings til the infection was resolving. A potential DVT is a serious issue too, it requires prompt diagnosis and treatment with anticoagulants and i know that last time my leg really ballooned, when i had asked for a new script for compression stockings my doctor was concerned about dvt and insisted on doing dopplers, ultrasounds to eliminate the possibility that i had dvt before he was happy for me to get new stockings or continue bandaging.

it may just be a nast flare p because you have been out of stockings and compression bandages for a while(its amazing how quick it can build up!) or there may be another issue such as DVT/cellulitis that would both require prompt treatment-if there is cellulitis or dvt you are not going to be able to get this back into control without the condition being treated So i would contacting the GP ASAP and asking for him to rule out dvt or cellulitis (with cellulitis the skin is also really really red as well as feeling hot usually)

really hope you are OK jackie, will be thinking of you



Hi Jackie Wann

I agree with every thing that Kebsa has to say. Get back on to the GP or go to A&E. You should never have been sent away by the Doc


Good to see you on the site. I hope things are not too bad for you Best wishes

Moggiemay x



If it is DVT you really need to get some scans done asap if it breaks out into your body say into lungs or heart. This can be a widow maker. it also can also cause blockages in general arteries, one side will feel cold the other hot where the blockage is. your doctor should be more attentive, that is my own opinion

Hope this helps

All the best



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