Fight with piano


Before I went on holiday, my next door neighbour an organist was having problems with the scafiod in the wrist, It is a bone/tendon that lacks a good blood supply, so I lent him a Tens and showed him how too use it, He came back to me saying it was working,

Now we have musical days while gardening I hope I will not become sick of his marvelous playing.

All the best


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  • lol - oh dear help that comes back to bite you. I hope he's really really good for your sake. :)

  • Maybe he can do requests :) lucky him getting fixed so quickly

  • Hello Zanna,

    We are fortunate to have a small community here so all nieghbours look out for eachother, One problem it can be a little overwhelming in a nice sort of way, trouble is Hazel cannot get on for chatting.

    It is n

  • So many people don't experiment enough with their TENS.

  • Hello

    So right

    All the best


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