Do you have joint pain in your hips or knees? Are you interested in making some changes to your physical activity levels?

We are looking for adults in or around Central Scotland aged 18 years or older who suffer from long-term joint pain in the hips or knees to take part in a research study. We ask that volunteers are physically able to walk and have a mobile phone that sends and receives text messages. You will be asked to participate for 60 days and will not be required to make any significant changes to your daily routine. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Tiffany who will be happy to discuss the study with you in more detail and send you further information by post:

by text at 07706 761 541


by email at

5 Replies

  • Hello Tifany! David enjoyed his meetings with you at the station!!

    Good Luck and sure you will find plenty of volunteers.

    pat x

  • Hi Pat! David was such a fantastic help. I really appreciate it. And thank you for the luck!


  • If anyone is thinking about taking part in this valuable research - go for it.

    It isn't intrusive in any way and can help so many others.

    We did it - the royal we as it was david really.

    Research is how we can learn abou pain and its effects and hopefully one day the pain will be all in the past.

    Pat x

  • Thank you for the endorsement, Pat! It's great to have such good feedback and support!


  • All true.

    Did you get any more takers?

    Pat x

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