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b.r.c.a1 overian cancer

im a brca1 carrier whos had breast cancer 6 years ago my 17 year old daughter has just found out she has overian cancer,they have told her she will never have kids,as they have to remove her overies,womb and also part of her liver.of course we both in shock but being very positive at same time and my daughter is wanting to become a voice for teen girls who may have to go through the same thing.

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My heart truly goes out to you and your daughter. I too am a brca1 carrier who has had breast and now ovarian cancer. I have three girls, two have been tested and found to have the gene and the youngest age 22 is still considering it. Since my diagnosis i have been pushing my doctors and geneticists for screening for my girls but they insist that as yet nothing is available. The fact that your daughter has ovarian cancer at such a young age surely shows that screening is vital. Sending you all my wishes and support for the difficult time ahead. Your daughter is amazing, although she has just been diagnosed her thoughts are for other girls. Stay strong!


Like ce53, I feel for you and your daughter. You sound as if you are coping so well and thinking in a positive way, which is hard at times, but so much better for a good recovery. I know a girl who had ovarian cancer at the age of 19, and had a total hysterectomy and ovaries removed etc. She is still enjoying life, 9 years on, and is living with a lovely supportive man, they are considering adoption at the moment. I had ovarian cancer 8 years ago, after 21 years of trying to conceive, and feel that my life is fulfilling and hugely enjoyable without children, although I love my 5 nieces and nephews to bits! My sister has been offered a yearly CA125 test in case there is a genetic link by getting in contact through her GP. I hope the long view is positive, for you and your daughter. You sound like strong ladies!

Love, Wendy x


your daughter sounds inspirational and so brave. its awful to have to cope with this at such a young age. i am 24 and was diagnosed in october and although a little older i understand what your daughter is feeling. i have stayed positive and i truly believe it helps. sending lots of love, hayley, xxx


Hi Julie, I am sorry to hear about your daughter, it is shattering news I know. Exactly a year a go I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 31, the doctors could not beleive it and asked for a retest (still very young for a disease that the average age is 75! plus it was one of the rare types that makes up 3% of ovarian cancers) We were trying for a baby at the time I started having symptoms and problems conceiving. 4 surgeries and chemo later I am in remission and going back to work next week. We are looking into surrogacy to start our family. This will change you all, however it will make you closer and a stronger family. Please know that you and your daughter are not alone in this, fight this beast and know there are other options out there to have a family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, Victoria xx


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