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Kidney Question


My kidney scan results were fine, however GP says that kidney function isn't great, so she looked back and found that in Jan 2012 when I first went to my previous GP about the pain the kidney function results were completely outside of the normal range, yet I had been told that they were fine. She said the previous one in May 2011 was normal, and so were the ones previous to that.

So could that have been a sign that was ignored, and is there a relationship? Or did my bout of chemo just make it worse?

If anyone has any experience of this it would be good. Oh and CA125 was 12.



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Over the years I have had a couple of tests showing poor kidney function in the form of raised creatinine levels. One test was early in the morning and I hadn't had a lot to drink. I got told to go drink plenty of water and repeat the test. (!) The department of Health has recently introduced guidelines that say essentially stage 3 kidney disease onwards has to be monitored, The problem with this is that waste numbers of people over 50 have kidney function in this range which never gets any worse.

Also, there is precious little treatment, apart from monitoring blood pressure and increasing the dosage of ramipril - a drug used to treat hypertension.

I guess you know your creatinine/eGFR - from that you can see what stage of disease you have. If it is mild it might well be worthwhile testing again when you are well hydrated.

Also I assume your blood pressure is normal.

Chemo can damage the kidneys but in some cases the kidneys recover after chemo is over. There are various things you can do to improve your kidney function - one is to drink plenty of water, another is to make sure your BP is normal.

As far as I know there's no relation between kidney problems and OC.

I hope this helps. Cx

I think my concern is, when I first went to GP in pain, pre OC diagnosis the results showed abnormal kidney function, where previously it hadn't, I wonder if that had been picked up my cyst would've been much smaller and may not have developed.

My bp is fine, she is just keeping an eye on it she said it's not really enough to worry about at the moment, the trouble is I've heard those words before.



It is unlikely that your renal function is related to OC, unless the OC was inhibiting the kidney in some way by pressing on structures around the kidney or the kidneys themselves. There are regular blood tests but also the more involved renal function tests that you would have had prior to chemo (or should have had) so which ones are abnormal and what specifically? Simple dehydration will be reflected in a different way from disease or dysfunction and any problems caused by chemo should resolve and bloods should have been checked prior to any chemo administration.

All being well there are rationale explanations and your kidneys are in good order.

Big hugs Amanda

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