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I've just been referred to a gynecologist what can I expect?

I've been suffering with constipation for about 4 weeks and even when I went I still felt full and uncomfortable. About a week about my stomach swelled up and I look pregnant and I started getting backache. I'm also very tender along the top of my abdomen and I've also been getting some cramping in my lower abdomen. I am eating but I get full quickly and often feel nauseous and I also get short of breath and it feel uncomfortable when I run.

I went to see my GP thinking it might be a flare up of IBS but I've never had such a sustained period of constipation before and I've never been this bloated. In my GP surgery there were some posters on the wall for ovarian cancer and I started getting worried as I had all three symptoms.

I initially saw the Nurse Practitioner but she wanted me to see the doctor and I was squeezes in 30 mins later. The GP examined my stomach and decided to run some urgent blood tests and the receptionist had to squeeze me in the next morning. Later on that day I got a phone call from the surgery asking me if I could come in to see the Doctor an hour later they had the results of my blood tests. I was so scared but I was told that my kidney, liver and pancreas function were all normal but that the tests had shown signs of inflammation or infection. I've been referred to the hospital for a scan and to see s gynecologist in the next 2 weeks. It was explained that there could be a number of possible explanations.

I keep lurching between feeling optimistic and fearing the worst. My GP gave me a pelvic exam and couldn't feel any abnormalities does that mean its unlikely to ovarian cancer? What will happen when I go for my appointment? I live on my own and all my family live at the opposite end of the country and my mum is currently looking after my nanna who has recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer.

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I don't think your name is a good one - of course you are scared, and you'd be very strange if you were not!

I can't give you the answers. Until you get a diagnosis, no none can, but it is important to focus upon making sure you are seen as soon as possible, so that whatever is wrong can be treated.

If it is any consolation; I did not have any of the symptoms, but did have the disease; by which I mean the symptoms listed are not necessarily indicative of cancer. Until you are diagnosed, you have to trust that the doctors and you will find a way through this terrifying thing in your life. When you see the Gynaecologist, s/he might be able to tell you on a brief examination exactly what is going on (in my case, this and the blood tests told my Gynaecologist straight away, and he told me), then a scan might be needed to determine the next step. He or she might want to take further tests, too.

Just concentrate on making sure your appointment is arranged, then look after yourself, eat well and sleep, and don't make your health worse by letting the inevitable panic make you more ill. You WILL cope - whatever the diagnosis - you have no choice. There will also be positive things in the negatives that take you by surprise. So take a deep breath, and focus on getting through to your appointment at this stage. Thereafter you can make the next plan!


Let us know what is happening with you.



Thanks for the reply. I'm finding it difficult to sleep at the moment not just because I'm worried but also I'm so bloated that I find it difficult to find a comfortable position. Getting up from lying down is also a challenge


It sounds to me like the doctor has you on the 2 week referal, which means it will all happen quickly, (much as it may not seem like it all the time!) The CT scan will show up any abnormalities in the abdomenal cavity, but it sounds to me like you are also retaining fluid, which may need an ultrasound to detect, and then a drain. The thing to remember is to stay as positive as you can, easier said then done I know, but if you start letting it get you down, you started falling down with it. If it is there then it is being dealt with, and nothing you can do or say will get rid of it, so stay positive and try to eat a healthy diet, and if you can't eat, get a juicer and do your fruit and veg in that to get the goodness in you. As to getting up, you have to roll over on your side and hang the legs over thebed at the same time, so you can just lift yourself onto your feet. Can you tell I've had to do it!

Good luck



Thanks for the advice Viv. I think I am mostly staying positive I just have moments where I feel scared. I've just had a call from the hospital and I'm seeing the gynecologist next Monday and hopefully an ultrasound sometime this week


I've just remembered I'm due to have a period next week. Would it be ok to go onto my next pill packet and skip my period?


Hi! I echo the advice from the other women on here. It is awful, the waiting part! You will be worried, I was. However, you will get through it, as Isadora said. I had some of the same symptoms as you. I did have ovarian cancer, but it was all dealt with, and I am still here 8 years on, feeling better than I did before. However, you will be worried, it's natural, as you cannot know what the outcome is yet. There are many explanations as to what the problem may be. Your appointment on Monday will clear things in your mind.

When I was diagnosed, I remember feeling, that, whatever happened after that, I was in very safe hands. You will be -- there is so much support out there.

I'm not sure about you pill question -- try ringing the specialist gynae nurse at the hospital where you're going, to get the advice you need. Or the Ovacome nurses on 0845 371 0554 (Mon to Fri, office hours) would probably help you too on this question. Try to find ways of distracting yourself while you wait. Meditation and visualisation methods helped me, but are not for everyone!

Keep in touch and let me know how things are going. Good Luck,

Wendy x


I'd not heard anything from the hospital about my ultrasound which is supposed to be before my gynae appointment so I rang the hospital. An appointment has gone out in the post for the day after my gynae appointment. There is a bit of confusion as my GP has referred me for an ultrasound and gynae have as well. I'm hoping it will get sorted out


Just popped in for a quick update. I had my gynae appointment this morning. My consultant thinks have fluid on my stomach and she told me that the blood tests the GP did showed elevated levels of CA125 which came as a shock.

I have an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon which should confirm if there is any fluid in my abdomen and I'm being booked in for a CT scan. If they find fluid they are going to get me in to drain it off to make me more comfortable.


Another quick update my ultrasound didn't show any cysts on my ovaries but there was a lot of fluid. I was in hospital yesterday to have it drained off. They drained 7 litres and have sent some samples away for testing. My CT scan is booked for next week.


Its not good news they found some cancer cells in the fluid that they sent off for analysis but they just don't know where its coming from yet. CT scan tomorrow.


My CT scan didn't show anything so now I have to have an MRI and I also now have a UTI which is causing a lot of pain.

Does the fact that they found cancer cells definitely mean I have cancer or could someone have made a mistake? I feel like every delay is causing more anxiety and frustration


Hi - I've been reading your posts and wondering how you are doing. Hope you're OK and have a better idea of what's going on.



I've been diagnosed with PPC and I'm seeing the oncologist on Monday


Hi, so sorry you've got to deal with this. I hope Monday's appt will give you some feeling of control once you have your treatment plan. I know that I googled far far too much in between appointments, and the sometimes contradictory information left me even more confused and stressed. Keep in touch, and thoughts for Monday. Francesca.


hey. just read all your posts. im so sorry to see this. I started getting pains during sex, felt as though something was being banged against. very painful. so automatically knew that wasn't right, because it had never happened before. Anyway, booked an appointment with the doctor, and was referred for an internal scan. I just phoned up for my results, and was told that they've been highlighted, and i've been referred to the gynecoligist. Obviously something's been found, right???? well, the receptionist told me that the nurse will phone me back, and explain to me what's going on. I am so freaked out right now. if I have something this serious, I am not a strong person. This is so unfair, I have a 2 year old baby. what a disaster. Can I ask how you are getting on? I know these posts were posted a while. But I really sincerely hope you are doing well. All my best, J x


Hi J,

I'm still here moved back to Manchester to be closer to family. Had to have a biopsy when I moved back and eventually a full hysterectomy and debulking last year followed by 5 cycles of chemo. I was rediagnosed with low grade cancer of the ovaries but I was StageIV because the fluid on my chest had cancer cells it. I'm having an MRI and a liver ultrasound next week to see if the cancer has spread.

At the moment it could be any number of things causing your pain and you may find that you are stronger than you think. Don't be afraid to ask for support from your family and medics when you need it.


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