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Curcumin, Turmeric or both????

Hi Ladies,

Have been reading alot about the benefits of Curcumin and Turmeric and am a little confused. Is it ok to take both or are they one of the same thing?? Curcumin is apparently, the active ingredient in Turmeric?? Can anybody clarify this, dont want to overdose myself and end up a lovely shade of yellow ...he he he.

Lisa xx

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Curcumin is the active extract - you don't need to take both though I guess it wouldn't hurt. You need to take pepper with it to improve absorption. According to Prof Aggarwal at MD Anderson in the US, the dose for cancer treatment is 8 grams daily. That's eight grams...

Drs Best do a 1,000 mgm tablet with bioperine (the active ingredient from pepper) that costs around £42 for 120 tablets.


Hi Lisa as Chrys said curcumin is the active ingredient in Tumeric . i get mine from Holland and Barrett and stock up on the special offers ( lol ) . I also take multi vitamin and green tea supplement and acacia . When i spoke to my consultant about Tumeric he was very positive about it but said that what is not know is how much you need to take . I think the standard is 8 grams daily but sometimes i do not take as much . Have been trying to cut back on the sugar which is murder for me as i like sweets !!

Ally xx



Use xylitol or agave!




As above - but it's much nicer to take it as a culinary spice, used in combination with ground black pepper, because that immensley improves the take up and efficacy and therefore you need less.

Use it in stir frying chopped veg in a little olive oil, or in curries.

Best wishes,



Hi Lisa,

Can I come to yours for tea? I agree it improves the absorption rate if used naturally. I have read up on this but havnt started taking any tablets as i am going through chemo at the moment.

I do like my spicy food tho.




Thank you all for your explanations and suggestions. I am on the case. Lisa xx


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