C125 Results after last Chemo

I have my last Chemo (6th Carboplatin) on Thursday which i am sure lots of ladies feel like i do thankgoodness. My question is how can i get my C125 result as usually i see my oncologist with results the day before my chemo but she is on holiday for 2 weeks, is there anyone else who will know if it has gone down? I have been so looking forward in knowing. luv Margaret x

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  • Hi Margaret,

    Your GP will know, or can get it. Ring her/him and ask for it by phone on Wed as usual.

    Good luck - I hope it's down and no more chemo is needed!

    Best wishes,


  • Have you been assigned an oncology nurse? She might be able to pull up your records. Or could you GP ring on your behalf?

    Hope you manage to get the results. I know the waiting is horrible.

    Good luck

    Linda xx

  • Well done for getting through all the chemos and staying up-beat and positive. I so hope the CA125 has gone down. I always rang my CNS (specialist nurse) for my results, she always had all the info. It may be worth checking, or maybe via your GP?

    All the very best for your continuing recovery

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Margaret,

    You should have been assigned a clinical nurse specialist or Macmillan nurse..so you could give her a ring, or you could ring your oncologist's secretary, (first by ringing the hospital) I found because I had treatment outside of my GP's area...that she couldn't log in to the hospital's computer system so she wouldn't neccessarily know...I don't know whether it would be the same for you.

    Best wishes for your results love x G x

  • We always speak with the secretary of the oncologist. In fact we have a regular rapport with her and she always asks about Sandra. She knows me so well by now so its like talking to a friend. Our GP is not involved with our treatment at all. Plus we always ring for the results the following day after bloods are taken as they take up to 6 hours to analyse especially at Christies due to the volume of workload. Rgds Paul

  • with so much good advice Margaret you should manage to get your CA125 results - and I hope with all my heart they're taking a dive. Let us know how you're getting on. xxxx love Annie

  • Thankyou to all of you i will ring Oncologist Sec. first thing Monday morning, i really didn,t know what to do so thanks. luv Marg xxx

  • Hope you got the result your looking for.

  • Yes i did thankyou. I rang Gynae Secretary this morning and was told it is 7 which im really pleased about. My last result was 7 taken on the 6th March (4th chemo) this result was from the 20th March (5th Chemo) doesnt seem to have gone down this time yet i had a much bigger dose 950mg Carboplatin. Have you an answer? its quite low can it get lower? Ive no ideas on this. luv Marg xx hope your ok.

  • There is no hard and fast rule on how low it can go, everyone seems to have their own threshold. I know some people cannot get below 100 and yet they enjoy long periods of remission even though the text book goal is below 35. We enjoyed a reading of 8 once but when it rose to 20 we were back on chemo because the scan showed visible signs of a recurrence. Rgds Paul xx

  • Thanks for your answer Paul, i had no idea at all, this gives me a bit more knowledge on the C125"s. luv Marg xx

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