Low white blood cell count

Hi All. My Mum is on Caelix and is due to have her second chemo on Friday but her oncologist said today that her blood count is low. I recently read about something in the diet that helps increase the white blood cell count and I can't remember what it is. Can anyone help at all please? Those injections during her initial chemo made her quite poorly. Thanks. Jane x

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  • I had same problem and found something on line suggesting vitamin B tablets and green tea. Bought both and have had no more problems.

  • Thanks for this Katie. I will let Mum know. She doesn't drink tea but would try it if it would help!! Jane x

  • Hello,

    I though there is no food or supplements which helps white blood counts back to normal. Been told ( by onco nurse and lady at health shop) it does need time to recover and thats why they will not give chemo if that is case.

    Love zuzi x

  • Hi Zuzi. I did Google B12 and it seemed to be aimed more at red blood cells - anaemia. Mum was saying the oncologist didn't specify which blood cells were low!! It's interesting to hear that it's helping Katie though. Think I might get some for myself too!!! Am heading down to Mum's tomorrow for long weekend so will take her for chemo if it's happening! Best wishes. Jane x

  • Hi Jane. Supplements can be a big no-no while on chemo so check with oncology first. In mam's experience, if it was low iron, she got a transfusion, if it was low white blood cells, chemo had to be delayed and time allowed to pass for levels to rise again, she was never offered injections.


  • Hello Mary. Thanks for this advice. I was going to ask Mum's oncologist if it would be OK to take B12. Anyway, the good news is that Mum had a blood test today and she can go ahead with chemo tomorrow. I drove down the M6 today to spend a lovely long weekend with her. I've heard about transfusions. I'm a blood donor. Funny she could actually end up with some of my blood!! Catch up soon. Hope things are OK with you . Jane X

  • Hi Mary. I'm trying to reply to the message you sent to me tonight but I can't seem to send it. Have copied and pasted it to save it for now. Jane x

  • healthunlocked.com/ovacome/...

    hope this link works to an earlier discussion about low WBC and hope it's helpful.

  • Thanks for this. Will have a read tomorrow. Must switch off laptop now and go to sleep!!! Jane X

  • Thanks - had a read and have copied for Mum. Every bit of info is so useful. X

  • My mom had low blood counts two or three times during treatment. They gave her transfusions (I think for the low red count) and then later, shots of Neuopgen, which stimulates the bone marrow to get busy! At one point she was so low she basically had no immune system and they were afraid of infection--but the neupogen worked wonders, and quickly!

  • Hi. My Mum's chemo went ahead today (Caelyx). It was touch and go as her white blood cell count was low earlier in the week. She's been given Lenograstim injections x 4. Trouble is whenever she's had these injections in the past, after the fourth one she's been in excruciating pain. So she is going to have three on Mon, Tue and Wed then go for a blood test on Thu morning to see how the white blood cells are looking. She hates those injections but I thought she might end up having them again. Not sure if they are the same as the ones she was having during her initial chemo. Phew, it's scary to think your Mum had no immune system! I'm paranoid about getting a cold as I know I couldn't come near Mum and that would be so bad as I live over 200 miles away and would hate to miss my visits. Take care. X

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