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if they find or suspect cancer during investigation procedures will they act straight away or wait?

im going in on 8th for day surgery so consultant can look inside uterus and while im under im having a lapascopy to look at my ovaries. has anyone had these tests and if so if they find or suspect cancer do you know if they will do something whilst im under or will they do that at a later date?

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If they find anything suspicious while haing a laproscopy they will probably take biopsies that will need to be analysed in the laboratory.

You will have to sign a consent form before the procedure & the surgeon will go through with you what you are signing concent for. Have a list of questions ready to ask,otherwise you won't remember them all on the day.

Best of luck.


Hi Blonde

I too had a day surgery laparoscopy, as Helen says this is to take biopsies Any treatment will be arranged at a later date after your consultant has run tests. Depending on what is found he/she will then explain the treatment options with you. Hopefully all will be well and they won't find anything suspect. Good luck

Chris x


Hello Blonde,

I think each case is individual, I had already been diagnosed with OC, I went in as a day patient for a laporoscopy and biopsy, I had only signed consent to have this done.

I was under the impression that I was going to need 4 cycles of chemo before operation followed by three more cycles of chemo after the op.

But during the laporoscopy they contacted my husband for consent to go forth with the big operation. When I came round - I was told they had taken everything including my apendix, part of the bowel and the omentrum. I was so relieved you have no idea, I had no time to worry or get worked up about the hysterectomy and no long waiting, it was a shock but at least it was over and done with. I then had 6 cycles of chemo which started 6 weeks after surgery.

Remember we are all different so try not to worry too much, a friend of mine had a laporoscopy and no cancer was found so we are indeed all individual.

Best of luck, let us know how you get on - we are all friends together on here because we all know what the worry does to you.

Tina xx


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