my address to belfast city council

I am just thrilled tonight. i gave my address about ovarian cancer in front of the whole belfast city Council tonight in the chambers of the city hall.. there were 50 members from all partys there.I got a bit emotional half way through but managed to pull myself together and finish talkAfterwards i left to go home as the council was discussing and voting on different subjects but got a text message from one of the councillors to tell me the motion to raise profile in n. ireland had been passed unanimously by all party members!All the partys are now debating it on stormont on monday 11th. march!!All us women can do so much for our cause by speaking out and making yourselves heard. if i can do it anyone can. xx


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  • Well done Una,

    What a victory :-) love and best wishes x G x :-)

  • Well done to you, what a fantastic result.

    Best wishes


  • Fantastic!! Thank you, even though I do not live in N. Ireland I am sure this will help all over Britain and you are an inspiration to all of us to fight our corner. xxx

  • Well done Una! Good job.

    Linda xx

  • Well done Una.


    Jean xxxx. :-d

  • Well done Una!

    xxxx Colette

  • Well done Una!



  • Well done Una!



  • Apologies for all the extras but using my kindle and they didn't show up at first so repeated them, but 3 well done's are better than 1!!!!


  • Well done Una!

    I know how terrifying it can be! I used to be a regular mover of amendments at NUT conferences and spoke at public meetings but I never got over those collywobbles!

    Love M

  • I have been asked to repeat my 2011 talk to a complete Year 10 at a Sunderland comp school as part of a debate on assissted dying which is on their Humanities course. Although I am speaking on behalf of Dignity in Dying I shall do what I did last time which is tell them that I have OC and that they need to be aware of the symptoms. There will be around 300 14-15 year olds and four of us (two for and to against) will speak and then answer questions. The main problem is the need to be there by 9 AM as it takes 1 1/2 hours from here and (for once) I may leave irrigation so I do not have to be up at 5!

    You must have done really well speaking to those who earn their living doing it! And convincing them!

    Love M

  • Dear Una

    Well done! It was very brave of you to speak in this way but what a result!

    Love Anne xx

  • Congratulations Una!!!

    Love Mary xx

  • Well done Una and congratulations on the result.

    Love Hilary xxxxx

  • Brilliant job! Thanks for speaking up for us all!


  • Wonderful! Vx

  • Well done x

  • Dear Una

    I'm so glad it went so well for you. What a terrifying experience - but thank you for doing it - on behalf of all of us across the UK. Fantastic. I'm so delighted to hear they agreed unanimously to give Ovarian Cancer some debating time.

    Keep us posted as to how things go over there.

    xxxx love Annie

  • Dear Una ,

    Can I just add my congratulations to you and say well done and thank you .

    Your talk will go a long way in helping to raise the profile of OC .

    Love Jan xxx

  • Well done Una,

    Best wishes Sue x

  • thank you all so much for your encouraging words.Everyone should try to lobby their parlimentary representitives by ringing and writing letters. If we all done that ,they can not ignore us and will have to stand up and listen, nothing ventured nothing gained.xx

  • May I, belatedly, add my congratulations, Una. What a triumph :-) I totally agree about lobbying whoever and wherever we can. I keep pestering my MP and am currently awaiting an answer from a member of the parliamentary committee on NHS reform. I'm a real pain in the ass, I'm sure, but we have to keep on keeping on!

    Well done!

    Love Wendy xx

  • thanks wendy. if you go on to and go to streamingof council meetings for 4th. march you can see me and hear me and view the whole interview.x

  • Congratulations Una . What a fantastic thing to do . Thank you for being an advocate for women with OC . It must have been terrifying

    Well Done


  • bravo!

  • What a bloody star you are Una - that must have been terrifying, exhilarating and emotionally exhausting in equal measure. You have not only spoken out but helped to actually start ACTION from within your community, which is something to be hugely proud of.


    Sue xxx

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