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Tears water my roses

Tears water my roses

Laid flowers today whilst the shine of the sun kept them warm

Last lot got blown away following a terrible storm,

But the thunder and roar was not from the skies,water not rain came from my eyes,

Anger,hatred and hateful dreams,asking questions why all is not how it seems,

But alas I realise its not the size but quality,its what I have done with you all,

We shall tread this journey together if I stand if I fall,

I am here,there all around throughout my life true love I found,

The lords hand may reach for me he may pass me by

Just watch as my watered rose climbs to the sky

A sleep we all take peaceful serene,

Listen closely tonight I`ll whisper in your dream

Leave you I must having been chose

I know your loving tears will keep watering my rose

7 Replies

This is such a poignant post that it brought tears to my eyes.

Sending my love,

Zannah xxx


Sad but beautiful.....sending love

Kaz xx


So sad and full of love.

Sending love

Anne B x


Beautiful words, just beautiful x


Just cried a bucket full xxxx


A poem anyone can relate to, especially if they have lost someone to this horrible desease, unfortunately too many in my family and friends, including my mum, a rose is engraved on her grave stone, regularly watered with tears, even after 15 years.Totty


Beautiful xx


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