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My trip to Washington

I am going to Washington,USA in July to bring back a new project that empowers women living with ovarian cancer to train health professionals.

Survivors Teaching Students is a programme developed by the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance in the US where groups of women run training sessions with student doctors, nurses and other clinicians involved in ovarian cancer treatment and care. Ovacome is delighted to be the UK partner in the programme.

I will be trained in the programme and attend the OCNA national conference during a four day trip from July 11 to July 15. My trip is funded by a specific donation. Ovacome members are welcome to join the trip and take part in the training and the conference, but on a self-funding basis. Anyone interested in finding out more can call me on 020 7299 6653 or email

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Excellent, Ruth.

I hope you have a wonderful trip, and that when you roll out the project in uk, it will get out to the further-flung parts of the country! Thanks for taking it on.

I hope you get a bit of time for sight-seeing, too.

Very best wishes,



That's great. Have heard about this project in the US and it seems to work really well. Look forward to hearing about it.

Have a good trip.



Best wishes x G x


Do you want me to carry your bags, Paul xx


This sounds a wonderful initiative, Ruth. If there is any chance of training patient reps when you get back to the UK, I would be interested. I have discussed this with the CNS at Southend Hospital and we wondered if we could arrange some joint input on the course for trainee doctors there, but events overtook us.

Have a really interesting visit.

Love Wendy xx


An interesting concept, but very necessary with the attitude of some medical staff!!

Good luck



Hi Ruth .. Wold have liked a chance to make a difference but I'm away then. Good luck with the project. X x


What am I saying! All of the insurers won't even cover the c so i can go to Spain! It's a pipe dream for me I'm afraid. X x


Pipe dream for me as well, but have a great time and keep us posted on how you plan to take it forward if at all possible in the UK xx


That sounds like a great idea and I would have loved to come but am already away bird watching on the east coast! I would be interested in helping when the scheme gets going here as I think it is really necessary. Have a great time

Francesca x


What a worthwhile project Ruth. Let us have all the details when you get back. Try to take time to see something of Washington. I was knocked out by the amazing whiteness (marble?) of the various monuments.Enjoy!

Jennie ROCC


What a great idea! Hope you find it very worthwhile and enjoyable.

Dorothy x


Have a fab time sounds like a great idea although some of the GPs at my practice don't always like the idea of being corrected by patients


Have a great time Ruth. I'm in Wales that week but if the training is rolled out in the UK, I'd definitely like to take part.

(Bit late replying. Catching up after being away and then having flu.)

Mary xx


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