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Rising Ca125's post chemo!

What is happening to these rising ca 125' post chemo we are getting?

DON'T WORRY IT'S PROBABLY JUST A BLIP. WATCH THE TREND NOT THE NUMBER!!!!! I hear myself advise!!!!! AAAAAArgh just had my 18th weekly taxol today and my ca 125 has gone up 8(!!!!!) from 448 to 456. Am I silly or not? Especially when it has come down from 3946 in 18 weeks An early christmas present of 34 would have been nice!!! But what I have isn't to be sniffed at!! So thankyou. Thankyou for another Christmas I thought I might not see when I was first diagnosed in 2007 with 2a serous epitheleal ovarian cancer. I've just finished my5th line chemo and I'm OK.

So take heart all of you who are just starting out, This teaches us to appreciate life, even with it's downs ( even the most seasoned of us has them). Somehow you gain so much along the way. So much support and medical help is out there, that you never knew existed.

Love to you all


ps had to write this twice! Lost it the first time! Computer whizz I'm NOT!!!!!

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Hi Soapsuds,

I have just finished first line chemo and looking at second line chemo (current CA125 at 250) quite soon I guess. Like you I am glad to see a Christmas that I thought was not possible when I was so ill in May. My Christmas wish is that they find a way through all these drugs which is tailored to a proper anaylsis of each of our individual cancers. I think though no matter how much they extend our life, I will want more and don't want to hear that Ovarian Cancer is life limiting.

Here's hoping your CA125 comes down soon.

Love Lizzie



Hi Soapsuds,

You are doing really well and I'm no expert, but it seems that your oncologist is getting the right chemo balanced for your individual cancer and it's doing a damned good job. You just finished your 5th line of chemo ? God you are so strong.!! I'm "just starting out ".having completed my first line of chemo in August 2011, and I don't know what's in store for me, but as Busylizzie says,as long as it extends our lives,I would welcome more.I hope that I can be as strong as you. Christmas is gonna be so much more enjoyable for many of us OC girls and I'm sure you will just step into it and jingle those bells ....

Take care

Love Sue xxx


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