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am i going mad !

hi kindred spirits

just need some advice i had a hysterectomy in june due to endo but found i had stage 3a borderline cancer. Anyway over last few days ive been experiencing bloating which comes and goes like previously also pain like a stitch under lower rib on left side also twinges in abdomen. Im due to see my gynae in jan but dont know if i should wait. Am i just being over anxious also is the reason for 3monthly checks in first year because that is when it is most likely yo reoccur.

thank you to you all

Sem10 xxx

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Hi Sem10,

No you are not going mad. Its really normal to be super sensitive to what is going on to our bodies having gone through such a terrible time.

The thing is, with the bloating symptoms of OC the resaearch tells us that it doesn't generally come and go. So if yours is up and down, its probably OK. Lots of ladies describe a taught, tight uncomfortable abdomen, that looks pregnant. That said, personally I would still go and see my GP.

If your tumour was a CA125 secretor, then you could always get your GP to do a level to put your mind at rest, but maybe just call your Gynae Nurse and pick her brains. Like I said, its really normal to feel worried about twinges and any symptoms. The Gynae teams would much rather know and bring you in to reassure you.

Fingers crossed its just something else, and settles down soon.

Good luck

L x


Hi Sem10

Sorry you're having this worry. Did you have all your bits taken out in the op last June? Are you having checks using a CA125 blood test? If it were me, I would ring the specialist nurse at your hospital, if you have been given a contact number for one. If not, I would ring the surgeon'n's secretary and ask if it's possible to have your check brought forward. Or go via the GP and ask for a CA125 (although they are not always indicative of anything). For your peace of mind, it will be better to rule out any possibilities of anything happening, sooner rather than later, especially bearing in mind the Christmas skeleton staffing etc in hospitals. Good luck and I hope your fears are groundless. I had my op nearly 9 years ago and had a minor panic over Christmas then and the CNS (specialist nurse) was wonderful, reassuring me over the phone.

All the best, Wendy xx


Thankyou both wendy and louisebayne for ur quick response.

I dont have a nurse specialist or a contact as such and my gp is not the most sympathetic so ill give that a miss. Ill give it a week and see if not better will contact my gynae secretary. Also re bloating like what louise said peoploe tend to have permanent bloating but mines came and went it was strange even though i had 2 tumours one 15cm and one 7cm.

I had full hysterectomy including removal of cervix aswell as my omentum removed in june. So if it were to come back where would it go if they cut anymore out i will just be a big gaping hole lol. Have to laugh or i will greet .

Also wondering if it does reoccur is it still classed as ovarian cancer even though its not in ur ovaries anymore that may sound daft but so are all the other questions rattling about in my head which at the moment feels like a gaping big hole lol

thanks again and keep well

sem10 xxx


You need to get your questions answered to put your mind at rest, I'm sure there will be a local gynae/oncology nurse specialist in the hospital. I think there is at least one in each centre for operations like ours. Ring them and ask if there is a contact number for a CNS (clinical nurse specialist), for gynae operations. I've found they have the time to explain so many answers and they are really understanding people in my experience.

All the best

Wendy xx


HI I agree with Louise and wendy you will notice any little twinge and pain and jump to all conclusions. But do get it checked out to put your mind at rest. Also in my experience in the past 9 years since being diagnosed when mine has recurred they do still class as ovarian ca. Sandra x


Hi everyone i have decided to bite the bullet and contacted my gynae i have an appointment on thursday. Now i feel like a hypocondriac lol i always suddenly feel better when i see a doctor hope i am though. But im still experiencing bloating and abodominal discomfort but feel it must be too soon for recurring cancer as it has only been six months. another strange thing is my intolorence to alcohol i went out with friends to cheer myself up but was violently sick all next day could not even keep water down . Yes before you all ask i did have a lot too drink lol but no more than usual.

Thanks for listening to my rambling

sem10 xxx


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