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Bloating and difficulty eating a whole meal

Can people tell me to what extent they were bloated prior to diagnosis, and where did they feel bloated? Also, were people not hungry? Has anybody experienced the feeling where you try to eat and it feels like the food has got stuck down the wrong way. Over the last 6 months this has happened to me several times, and either I've been sick, or eventually it passes. Water doesn't help. I appreciate your comments. Thank Janx

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That is exactly what I experienced prior to diagnosis. Not surprising since I turned out to have a football sized tumour :/


I was very bloated prior to diagnosis, it doesn't come and go. It stays bloated and I looked like I was 8 months pregnant and at 62 that was hardly likely. I didn't eat, it wasn't that I couldn't eat I just felt full all the time. I was dieting at the time in preparation for my daughters wedding and thought the weight loss was due to dieting.

I had 13 litres of fluid drained anout 6 weeks after diagnosis and another 5 1/2 litres a month later. Chemo gets rid of any fluid that is left. I had no feeling of nausea or vomiting, my only symptoms were being bloated and changes in bowel habits.

I hope your investigations will come back negative but at least it is being taken seriously.

Best wishes Chris x


Dear Jan

I wasn't bloated at all but I didn't feel hungry. That was the reason I went to the doctor. That and a general lethargy. I wasn't hungry which was bizarre having had a good appetite all my life - and I had the feeling that something wasn't right.

My dear GP was incredibly supportive and told me that he wasn't sure what was wrong but he'd get to the bottom of it and we had a diagnosis within 3 weeks.

Let's hope your medical team explore your various problems and get a resolution too.

Love Annie xxx

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I felt 8 months pregnant for about 5 weeks from Christmas Eve, which is why I went to the docs. That's mainly fine now, although I feel bloated sometimes towards the end of the day, right up to my throat if that makes sense. I guess that could be GERD. Did an ultrasound scan find your tumours ladies? I had an ultrasound scan last week, and the doctor said she could find nothing, including my left ovary. Wonder why that might be! I also wonder if scans can miss things?


Hi Jan,

This can be the symptoms of OC but can also be symptoms for other conditions also, none of us can second guess this and it is best to wait until they have investigated you thoroughly before jumping to conclusions. You will get to the bottom of this, and I understand that the waiting is bad, but no point in making yourself ill worrying.

Best wishes love x G x


Hi Jan

I was fairly bloated for about a couple of months before diagnosis, but what made me really think I had something wrong was the fact that, on holiday, eating food I love, I could only manage about a third of my normal portion size, then I had to go to the loo with severe and almost immediate diarrhoea. I also felt faint on trying to walk up hills, which I normally managed and felt really tired in my legs, as if all my energy had drained away.

Mine was diagnosed via an ultrasound, but only when the radiologist looked around the back part of my right side, then said it looked as if I had something wrong with my gall bladder. She then sent me for a more powerful scan, then a Trans-vaginal scan, then to see a consultant radiographer. It wasn't too clear immediately, I guess. Did you look on the Ovacome page, at the symptom tracker?

All the best

Love Wendy xx


Hi jazz, I'm afraid scans can miss things..I had a scan in the December and it was clear, my symptoms ( which were not consistent with OC) continued and when I was scanned again in the July they found an 8cm mass in my fallopian tube. As other ladies have said, there are different scans yogi can have and some are more accurate than others. Best wishes, Lisa x

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Didn't mean to bring yogi into it, its my phone lol. What I also meant to say was my first scan was an ordinary ultrasound but the next one was a teams vaginal one which picked up the mass. Lisa x


Trans vaginal. I give up, I'm going back to my laptop x


You mention bloating but don't say you actually have that, just the stuck feeling with food. That can def be lots of things - including a hiatus hernia, often related to GERD also. Next time it happens try coke or other fizzy drink. If that pops it through it may well be a GI issue isolated from other things around nether regions. You should still get checked for everything - but this was a trick we got from an A&E nurse and it worked, narrowing down what my husbands problem was at the time!


Sue xxx


A few months before I was diagnosed I woke up a few times in the night with severe abdominal pain which eased when I was sick and then I felt as right as rain. Just before I was diagnosed I had difficulty eating meals and got full very quickly. I also has discomfort in my left hand side, as if something was blocked and pain in my left shoulder when eating. Good luck, Kerry xx


Ive always had bloating with IBS. But the bloating i had with the borderline was different,I couldnt eat a full meal and the bloating was all the time. My only other symtom was heartburn. Goodluck.

Louise. Xx


I felt bloated for about 5 weeks hence the tests, I also have a urethral stent, somewhat was scanned, along with my ultrasound scan about 10 days ago! Now I just feel a bit tender around my sides, and belly button, and a bit full around the rib cage. I can eat, and have been eating a full meal, but haven't been quite so hungry generally. That is not normal for me, I usually feel hungry a lot of the time. My bloating came with an illness, when I felt really tired and v v sick. That went after a couple of weeks, and the bloating about 5 weeks. When the ultrasound doc said she couldn't find anything, I naturally thought I had had a bug or something. I was so shocked to hear of the high blood level! I do suffer from general tiredness, but I put that down to my age and having an 8 year old and a job! I really appreciate everyones comments. I am so scared about it all, it's a surprise to me how I am reacting!


I did not suffer from bloating until the few weeks before my diagnosis. Like so many others, I looked pregnant permanantly and it was uncomfortable to eat ... take my word for it you don't feel like eating much when you're in that condition! I thought the bloating was due to food poisoning at the time. I never felt that "food had gone down the wrong way"

All the best and try not to worry too much until you have a definite diagnosis. There can be many reasons for your discomfort. Take care.


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