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CA125 tumor marker 83, is this an indicator of cancer, my doc is sending me to see a specialist! I do have endometriosis!

Hello, I am feeling very anxious tonight. I felt bloated from Christmas Eve until early Feb, was sent to have blood tests and ultrasound scan. Dr who did the scan said she could see nothing, although she couldn't find my left ovary. Today I went to see my doc following blood tests and she said I had a high CA125 tumor marker at 83 and she was going to send me to see a specialist to investigate cancer!!! I do have endometriosis, and she mentioned it could be that but she was worried about the tumor marker. Is there anything else I should know about. Has anybody had a similar experience. I have only had three periods since last May, and two in Feb. I thought that might be because I am perimenopausal. I would be grateful for any comments!!!

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Hi Jazz

Sorry you are having this worry but glad you found us. Most doctors will investigate a raised CA125 when it goes over 30, others 35. A raised CA125 does not necessarily say OC but it can sometimes be an indicator, although it can be something else entirely...a temperature, an infection whatever. It explains all about it on the Ovacome website Also on there on the left, you'll see BEATovarian cancer with Ovacome. Click on that, scroll down to the symptom tracker and click on that. It shows any symptoms you may have and you can record it and print it out to take to your GP or specialist. It may help them. There's loads of other info in the website too. Hopefully you may find something on there that will help you to see your way through what you're thinking. I was about 48 when I first thought something was wrong but was only diagnosed when I was 52. If there are any signs of OC with you, it looks as if they have been spotted early, which is good. I've had 10 years of being well now, so I was lucky. You can look at anyone's story by clicking on their profile pic.

Have you been referred to a Gynae specialist or an oncology/Gynae consultant. I think you should ask for this if the results of the symptom tracker show you have something that needs investigating. I hope it isn't what you're fearing, but whatever it is, it will need investigating, if only to put your mind at rest.

Hope you will have the worries cleared up soon. Do let us know how things are going

Love Wendy xx


Hi Jazz,

The risen ca125 test could well be because of your endometriosis, it is good that you are being investigated to eliminate other reasons.

Sending you my best wishes for the result love x G x


Hi Jazz, WHAT wendy says is absolutely correct. You need an internal ultrasound through a oncolgy.gynae. I was diagnosed with a 10 cm cyst which turned out to be cancerous. My CA125 was 63. TIME IS SO VERY IMPORTANT. Lets hope your results are negative?



Hi Fannyanny i had an ultrasound scan and trans vaginal scan, nothing was detected! This was about two weeks ago! I am very confused, the doc said she could see nothing untoward, although she couldn't find my left ovary, which may be due to my endometriosis. Not sure why she didn't send me for a further scan to try and find the left ovary. I am sorry to hear about your cyst! Best wishes Love Janx


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