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How can you tell if your stomach is bloated or you are just fat?

I have had a mucinous ovarian tumour of lmp 2 years ago. Now I have a cyst 7cms and polyp on womb. Having surgery on Wednesday if not cancelled!! Saw consultant in outpatients and asked him why such a small cyst would cause such bloating that everyone thinks I'm pregnant and can only wear a small part of my wardrobe. I know that I am 14 stone and that is too much. My consultant said that ovarian cancer goes hand in hand with being overweight. I explained that I have many demons re my weight but he said that was of little consequence to my remaining ovary and implied I had done this to myself. Am I being over sensitive? Can anyone help?

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Hi thescottishplay,

Are we in the theatre? Is that we can't say THE word? :-)

I used to be a waif pre diagnosis and bloating and now I am only 8 stone and 5 foot 4, so whilst may be extra weight increases the risk, it does not mean you did it to yourself!

We have all read stuff on diets since we had cancer, and I am sure most of us have modified our ways somewhat, but I tend to think I had a time bomb in me, and there is no point in beating myself up about 'what ifs'. I have enough to deal with 'the now'!

The question about weight and bloating is a good one. I thought my bloating was weight gain through middle age spread until it became obvious it was more.

I think the only answer is to trust your instinct. Have you eaten more to cause the weigh gain?...if not, then it could be bloating.

Love Lizzie



Hi there

I am so very sorry that you are going through this for a second time.

I also had a LMP/Borderline Ovarian Tumour removed in January 2010 , but had a TAH/ BSO at the time. I was then (and still am) size 8 to 10 and I am told am super-fit.

I am also a healthcare professional and in my very humble opinion opinion this assertion by your consultant that you in any way at all "did this to yourself " by gaining weight is not evidence based. At this point you need and deserve the very best possible care facing a second surgery. Discussions about weight are probably inappropriate and clearly most distressing for you.

I also had a second surgery and you will get through it.

I really really hope that all goes well for you and that this will be the beginning of the end of your health issues.If you are unhappy with the care your consultant is offering you and if he will be doing your follow up , be aware that you are entitled to an alternative.

Take care

Much love

Charlie xxx


Dear 'Scottish Play'

The arrogance of some consultants is beyond belief!! Hate to say this but was it a man? I suffered from weight gain and bloating pre- surgery and despite my best efforts have not been able to lose it [just maintain it at 11stone 10 llbs] and still feel I am bloated to the extent that I go looking for maternity type clothes.

I hope your operation goes ahead on Wednesday- or if it doesn't it is still re-scheduled very quickly.

Good Luck


PS Why 'Scottish Play'? I keep picturing the actors in the Blackadder Regency series!!!


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