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5 Good things to lift my spirits !!!!

1) I had to "dry my new hair" on Monday,the first time in 6/7 months since chemo took it from me.....

2) I managed to get the zip up on a dress that has been quite tight for a while ..

3) I've lost 5lbs over the last three weeks.(The same as number 2 really ,I just wanted to brag)......

4) I finally admitted to my G.P that yes, I am scared of my future health and that I feel I would maybe benefit talking to someone who understands what I'm going through......

5) I finally admitted to my hubby that although I'm being open by offloading to him, but I am really holding back some of my fears to protect him.

He admitted that he is doing the same .(Again,similar to number 4 ,but it was with different people) .....

Well...that's a few more boxes ticked this week...and it's only Friday, bring on the weekend.....

Hope all O.C Buddies are well ,take care,

Suzieque xxxx

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Wow x 5 suzieque.

Well done on achieving so much.

Love Suex


Keep moving forward,Suzieque I admire your honesty and courage.

You've certainly nudged the elephant out of the room.

Elephants are nice but they do cast big shadows. Out elephants!

Good luck with your life

I toast your health with M&S lemon, ginger and ginseng tea.

Here's to the future



Well done suzieque, it takes some guts to own up to feeling scared.

Its 7 months since my last chemo too, I now need a hair brush to style my new hair - whoop! whoop!

I am still struggling with the weight, I lost 5 pound too - but put 2 back on last week, arghhhh!!!!!

This week I am feeling very anxious, my oncologist told me I have a high chance of cure, but my statistics work out at 57% chance of suviving the first 5 years.

If I talk to her about it, she tells me not to read too much information - who do I believe????????

I am holding back talking to my hubby about it because his spirits are high at the moment and like you I don`t want to worry him NOW!

I will try the tea Florence, yah!!!!

Love to you girls xxxxx


Great stuff! Well done you xxx


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