my problem with the cannula insertion before chemo - a thankyou note to everyone who helped me

I cannot thank you ladies enough, i took the advice of most of you. I managed to name the nurse (senior) to insert it and she agreed (glad she was on duty) it went in first time and not too unfortable, she taped it down really well as i asked so if i needed the loo it would be easier for me to take myself. after my breakfast i poured 2 whole pints of water into me, drank 2 tins of diet coke on the way to hospital, heat pads inside my gloves which was the best suggestion, also i had dizapan night and morning which i was soo much more relaxed, and also 2 cups of green tea. It was the easiest its been for me 4th one. i think because it was soo much easier i have felt more myself since not so screwed up now for the next one so thank you all with your suggestions. love Margaret xxx

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  • Hi Margaret,

    So glad that things went better for you, sending you best wishes love x G x :-)

  • Thanks Gwen, it was unbelieveable after the first 3 i had given up hope on this one, i was soooo scared. I was very glad i came on here to ask it really helped me, and i took every suggestion. The app. with Oncologist meeting on Wed. she said my C125 had dropped from 1148 at Baseline scan to 199 and she was really pleased with this result so im very pleased and hoping the next 3 will do the job, heres hoping. Nice to talk with you. love Marg. xxxPS just had 4th so 2 more yipee!

  • Hi Margaret,

    That is such good news having that much of a drop, everything is going in the right direction. The heat pads are so useful I found they were also useful if you have pain through chemo, I had a tumour pressing on a nerve so wore them on my back tucked in the top of my tights and it eased it enormously.

    I suggested to Sharon (Shazican) this, she got married today and had a pain in her back, we've been having a banter about her getting married with hand warmers in her pants haha (see the poem I posted today LOL) the humour helps... best wishes love x G x

  • I havent met Sharon, i wish her well, and yes i read your poem it was funny. I used the hand warmer while having chemo as well inside the palm of my hand brilliant thing. I have also had a glove on in bed to ease the bruising, it works. I do use a stickie heat pad on lower back sometimes also in pants lol! why not if it helps, at least with the stickie it doesnt drop out the knicker leg. lol! love Marg xxx

  • That's brilliant, am so glad it was easier for you!

    Great ca125 drop too - that is great news


    Sue xxx

  • I was delighted with the C125 drop i didnt know what to expect not really understanding what a C125 even was till i read this site. i didnt know whether it should go up or down. Reading everything on here had helped me loads. thanks for your kind wishes. Hope your OK. love Margaret xxx

  • Hi Margaret

    Im so glad the cannula went in easier this time. I find that if I look at the needle going in it doesn't hurt but if I look away it does!!!! This works for injections too. I spoke to the district nurse about this and she said that its been proven to work as its something about your brain telling your body its coming. LOL. It works for me anyway.

    Lovely decrease in your CA125.



    xxxx :-d

  • Thanks Jean, Yes this nurse was lovely and i really did prepare myself as i explained in blog with all the help on here, with drink and heat pads etc. nice to here from you. love Margaretxxxxx

  • So glad it went all right this time Margaret. That's excellent news about your CA125.

    love Mary xx

  • Yes thanks Mary i was delighted with that result, hope the next 2 do the trick eh!Feel very tired today but not too bad, very black hand as expected though, and feel quite sick but tablets keeping it at bay thankgoodness. love Margaret xxxx

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