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My Valentine Cloud`

My Valentine Cloud`

Some will buy flowers,some even gold,a few will propose god are they bold,

For me its simple I look to the skies,squeeze my heart strings theres no surprise,

I stand and I ask why this disease,why has it happened I`m down on my knees,

Good days and some bad I take them each as one,

As I look to the skies for those that have gone,

Shout as loud as I can "can you see my tears"

Leave alone those left fighting they too have their fears,

Theres a group of people who keep helping us proud,

So for them I look up and kiss my valentine cloud

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Thank you Shaun,

Especially poignant as there's been such a lot of sadness on this site lately.... best wishes to you and your family love x G x


What a lovely poem Shaun. Its good to hear from you again.

Love Mary xx


Lovely poem shaun..

Gywn is so right theres been too mych sadness lately. I cant bring my swlf to post on things at the moment.


Suzanne. Xxx


Such nice sentiments the brought a tear to my eye.

Love Pam x


Lovely poem Shaun...

Yes there has been a lot of sadness lately, but I get inspired with hope when I see so many comments from ladies who are going back to work, booking holidays etc... Living life. That gives me hope and makes me smile ;)


life is about all aspects,be it illness,happines or whatever,there can only be joy if we experience pain nor can we appreciate all we have until its all we had we lose,its what we are,who we are,each challenge is just that,easy it isnt,living isnt easy...and just to prove so did you know the longest hair on a woman runs from your eyebrow to your lower spine.?..just to prove it scratch your bum and watch your eye squint


HAHA thankyou Shaun.

Beautiful poem too.


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