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Is pain halved,is it really shared ?

Is pain halved,is it really shared ?

Just watched the morning sun rise,it seemed to take forever

It slowly warmed the skies its beams will now endeavour

My mind now filled with questions,can any really be true

Why is this happening to me and not to you

But wait you say,it is aswell,we are about the same

We share the ghastly fight and look for a target to blame

Are we so subtle or are we actually more robust

Its all so fast it isnt at all just

Look,a cloud little different to the rest

Maybe it has a silver linning

Is it a vision or a test

I felt so lonely this journey now begun

Days are filled with a million thoughts

Not all of them with fun

I shared my emotions and my you have cared

A watchful teardrop falls your feelings are now bared

The wind gently breezes it flutters through my hair

Although my eyes keep closing I know that you are there

Now I heard a whisper a story and it helps for me to cope

As long as its halved and shared I will always keep my hope

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Hi Shaun,

I hope you are doing well, nice to hear from you again , lovely poem x G x :-)


Hi Shaun

Thanks for remembering us and sharing your lovely poem.

Hope you and the family are doing well.

Monique x


Thank you for the lovely poem Shaun.

Best wishes to you and youe family

Love Mary xx


What a beautiful poem . Thank you hope you and family are doing ok



Thank you Shaun - writing things down often helps and what a lovely poem you have shared.

Best wishes as always Amanda


Thank you Shaun - writing things down often helps and what a lovely poem you have shared.

Best wishes as always Amanda


Beautiful Shaun. It touches on many themes that we have to wrestle with and that are constantly going through my mind.

The most important conclusion to reach is that we aren't alone. I have shed more tears for friends on this site than I have for myself. My husband says I mustn't look but we are in this together.

Love Sarah


if we view our lives as time lent to us its amazing how quickly it all flies by,its just numbers and dates,what goes into those moments are what actually matters,and whom we share them with..however low one gets...however desperate one feels,we are just merely passing time,all of us,so I look at life in that vain,whatever happens now is the time that matters


Dear Shaun ,

Life teaches us what you have so rightly spoken about and its the here and now and how we spend it that counts .

I was with my Dad when he passed away in 06 and took time off from everything to help care for him . Precious time ...

Very thought provoking poem .

Good to hear from you x

love Jan xxx


Thanks, Shaun. Lovely poem, very helpful.

Best wishes.



We are stronger than we think, ! I had colin cancer ,.. been through an operation to get the tumor out and 11 chemo . I will have my last chemo next week. It has not been easy but we are sronger than e think. Been through a lot of allergies: some drugs are worse than others


Really lovely poem ... and heartfelt. x x


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