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Co Symptoms

I just wanted to share this with you all - just in case we have any readers who think they may be in danger of CO cancer developing.

I didn`t have any of the listed symptoms of OC Cancer, Firstly I had severe intence headaches. I have always been a migraine sufferer but these types of headaches were different. My GP first sent me to see a nuerologist who poo pooed me with a load of stuff calling them medication headaches that was caused by the pain killers I was taking for the headaches. At the time it made little sence to me, I stopped all medication for 3 months and it made no difference so it wasn`t medication headaches.

Around this time intercourse was sometimes painful, it was fine but then sometimes I`d jump with such an intence pain as though the penetration was hitting a tender spot. Then I started to have a sudden flood after intercourse, the blood loss was severe enough for hubby and I to take a shower.

This happened about three times, not every time which is what was confussing.

I told my GP " I put it down to the start of the menopause", but my blood test was normal and I was not in the menapause which suprised me because I was 52 yrs old. However, my doctor still referred me to see the consultant.

The consultant didn`t seem at all concerned, in fact I was kind of under the impression I was a time waster. I almost cancelled the appointment at the last minute. If it hadn`t been for hubby and a nagging best friend I may have done.

I had an internal scan and the room went from chatter and laughter to silence in a flash. The consultant then told me I wouold need a hysterectomy but I may have to be referred to addenbrookes, I knew then he suspected cancer. He asked me to stay at the hospital to see if he could arrange a CT scan that same day.

I did that and came home.

6 days later the city hospital called to tell me an appointment had been arranged for me at Addenbrookes hospital for the following day.

Then I knew what this meant.

The following day we made the long journey to Cambridge and here the consultant gave me the diganosis but I was NOT pprepared to hear the following. The cancer had spread all over the abdoman. I was admitted 2 days after this for a laporoscopy.

I woke up to be told I had had invasive surgary.

The story after that will be very much the same as the rest of you ladies so I won`t bore you with the details.

I just wanted ladies out there to be self aware and to in deed sweat what may seem to be only small stuff, it could save lives.

Love from Tina x

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How right you are, Tina! It's so important to be aware of the bewildering range of signs and symptoms. I hope that you will have a good recovery and no more painful symptoms. Do you know what your treatment will be yet? Is there a support group at Addenbrooke's? I think there's a ROCC in the Cambridge area who may be able to help point you in the right direction for support. You can find out on the Ovacome website or on 08453710554. I wonder if there is also an unknown link to migraines ...I have had them since puberty and even with all my bits removed after having OC in 2002, I still get them.

Stay strong and I hope you make a good recovery

Wendy xx


Funny you should say about headaches - I used to have funny turns when I felt disoriented, and sometimes went back into my past, which sounds weird, and was even weirder. In fact one night I was out and went peculiar and forgot where I was or what I was doing - I ended up at the hospital having emergnecy tests for strokes as I was due to fly to LA in two weeks time. All came back negative. The following May I had my OC diagnosed, like you through painful intercourse,(but no bleeding), and since I've been on treatment I haven't had the turns. When I went into remission and the drugs wore off they came back.... and I was back on treatment within months.

Funny thing the human body.

Hope all goes well.



Hi there,

Thanks for posting this - I too had bleeding like you. After the event it all made sense but at the time I put it down to those bobbly condoms! I was 32 when I was diagnosed. Every symptom I experienced I put down to some other explanation it's only with hindsight that I know my body was trying to tell me something.

All the best to you,



Hi there,

I too got caught out with my symptoms, I had a tickly cough and that was the only symptom, and all the doctors that I saw, said the cough would go when the spring rolled around, I went along with that, well you would I didnt no any different, I was hoping the doctors would have come across my symptom, I did go on to have an xray which showed a shadow which meant I had fluid on my lung but once again just sent me of to a lung specialist, which would have been more months down the line, it was only when I got anemia it all changed and I went on to have lots of blood tests and one of them was a CA125 which was over 10.000! I cant imagane where would have been if I had waited for the spring! and I was also offered B12 for my anemia!!

take care.

Sarah P.


Blimey Sarah, tickly cough who would ever link the two? I hope your cancer was cureable or treatable, did the cough go? How is your CA 125 now?

Mine went upto 1,800 and is now 11 after surgary and chemo, have been clear for 6 months but not had the ALL CLear, but then do we ever?

I do know a lot of cancer sufferers worry how will they know if it comes back, lets hope our CA125 is a good marker for us. Its hard not to be paranoid about the next tickly cough or headache or something else but best to be paranoid than one who try`s to convince themselves they are alright like so many do.

Stay safe everyone xxx


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