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Hi I recently had breast cancer surgery but have also had a lot of other symptoms for over a year e.g weight gain, bloating, bowel problems, sweats, general unwellness and all seems to be getting worse - have been sen for blood tests and a ct scan coming up - will these show if I have ovarian cancer. Is it possible to have breast cancer and ovarian cancer at the same time?



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Hi Lizzie. Probably best to ask the Ovacare Team, who will hopefully be able to advise. Have you had chemo? I hope you are feeling more comfortable today. Kathy xx

Lizzie55 in reply to Katmal-UK

Thanks Kathy

HI Lizzie, have you had chemo post surgery. It could be many things perhaps you are on tamoxen. That can cause side effects too. You should really have a chat with your gp or your oncology team. The CT scan is an imaging of the whole pelvis and that will show up anything amiss. However while it is good you are getting a scan, wait and see what the results show. Have you been to a gynae oncologist ? There was a general guidelines rolled out to gps in the past month or so as to how OC can be detected. I think ring your Breast Care Nurse and check whether what you are feeling is down to any drug you are on. I hope the scan is soon so that your mind can be put at rest, If there is a problem, then your team will come up with the best possible plan for you. Wishing you all the best with the scan and come back to us with any further questions.

Lizzie55 in reply to suzuki

Thanks for your reply Suzuki. I've had to change oncologist because of his uselessness - he's gone now. I haven't had chemo and waiting for radiotherapy - took myself off hormone drug weeks ago as it was making me so sick. So all these symptoms are not drug related and have been going on for about a year. I will phone the breast nurse on Monday. Thanks.


Well do get to the bottom of it but at least you are going in the right direction. If you werent happy with your oncologist that was your right to change. Do ring the Breast Care Nurse, I know some of our hospitals in Ireland have a gynae liason nurse you can speak to. Maybe you can check that out. I wish you well with your radiotheraphy and scan

Lizzie55 in reply to suzuki

Many thanksx

Hi Lizzi, they can occur together and though there are friends on here with both, the likelihood is slim in the general mix of things.

You can have a CA125 blood test to see if the marker is raised. If it is, an ultrasound is usually next.

A normal range CA125 level doesn't mean a person hasn't got the disease but the likelihood of getting Ovarian is actually low and then those women, whose bloods show a normal range CA125 and who have the disease, are few and far between. A GP is only likely to see an Ovarian patient once every five years believe it or not.

The likelihood of you getting both at the same time (I.e. within a year) is extremely low.

Sorry I'm quoting statistics and results of analysis by professionals but they can be reassuring.

Sending love and hugs. Xx

Hi Tina - thanks for your reply - it's just that the symptoms are so marked that I have a nasty feeling about it! Hopefully it's just something like overworked adrenal glands or something!


TinaB1 in reply to Lizzie55

Yes, let's hope for the best. Gentle hugs .. xxx

Hello Lizzie

I'm guessing it is possible to have both together as I very recently received an invitation for a routine mammogram. I checked with my GP if I should go in view of all the extra x-rays I've had with the CT scans and if it was even necessary. The reply was unequivocal yes, I should go.

All the best!


Thanks Helen for your reply

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