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Scan booked

Well went to see oncologist but was not their so just saw gynocologist who I find easier to talk to. Had examination which was ok but decided due to my symptoms to do ca125. Had test done before Xmas and received a letter last week to tell me had risen to 125 ( was 72after chemo ended in july) Have been booked in for a scan on 24th. Hopefully it will tell me if any problems around chest area.

Fingers crossed time

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Hi there, good luck with your scan on the 24th, at least you will know what's going on. I have mine on the 6th Feb, my chemo finished last May but by September ca125 had gone up to 84, scan showed it had returned. Saw my oncologist late November and by then it had gone up to 224, she decided to leave me until Feb, which was great news. I put it to the back of mind mind and had a fantastic Christmas and new year, but now I have to start thinking about it again.

Fingers and toes crossed for you, good luck, please let us know how it goes.

Whatever happens we will carry on the fight!

Love Linda xxx


Oh fingers crossed for you, I hope things settle again. Good that they did the test and booked a scan without messing around, means best possible chance to stop anything in its tracks if is IS back - which of course is not at all certain!


Sue xxx


All our fingers and toes crossed for you.

Linda xxx


Best wishes for your scan, I take it that you go to the same hospital as I do,either The Women's Hospital in Liverpool or Clatterbridge so the Gynaecologist you saw would be an Oncologist but a "surgical gynae oncologist" the other one being a " medical gynae oncologist" both are gynaecologist and both are oncologists. the staff are lovely aren't they? best wishes love x G x


All the best for a good result when you have your scan, I will be keeping everything crossed for you

Love Wendy xx


Thank you all for your best wishes.

I am in north Wales so don't go to clatter bridge but Wrexham which I think is set up slightly different

Thanks again everyone


Lots of good luck to you for your scan - always a worry but by no means a fait accompli.

Big virtual hugs to you

Amanda xx


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