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Yep, I know it's just one big question with me...

The book says clean teeth at least twice a day, ok, my teeth are not great at the best of time, but my temporary filling, which the dentist wouldn't fill properly in August because it needs root canal, and she said it'd be open during surgery and that carried risk of infection, feels rough so it's obviously worn out, not bad considering it's been there for 5 months! However, what should I do? I've had some of the worst infections ever at the dentist, but it's my front tooth which I suspect needs to come out as it has a black patch on it now due to the filling being neglected. Should I just grin and bear it or is there alternatives?

Thanks all

LA xx

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Hi LA,

I can sympathise with you, since I have been diagnosed my teeth are terrible (very loose) I am sure I could pull them out without any trouble as they are so wobbly, the first time I had chemo I cleaned them all the time I must have overdone it and I kept getting ulcers so the second lot of chemo I was nowhere near as fussy and I didn't get one ulcer but like I said my teeth are very loose, now I know I am a lot older than you and I shouldn't complain...but I would hate to be gummy, I am sorry this doesn't answer your question, but you are not alone.lots of love x G x :-D


Hi again LA! I would explain all to your dentist and ask advice. The chemo may well be a factor. He'll know what to do for the best. Poor Gwyn! Teeth and eyes,'s never just one thing is it?

Love Wendy xx



my dentist was great. I was manic about not getting ulcers so used the mouth wash the chemo nurses gave me which stained my teeth something chronic i stopped using it and used a different one. i am seeing them every 6 months even though not having chemo at present (as u get free treatment at the mo). I agree with Wendy just speak to them they were very understanding with me


Hi, after my chemo was done I made a appt with my dentist and needed 2 teeth extracted. He sent me to a specialist who would not do any work on my teeth until he had my labs. It had been 2 months off of chemo. My labs were good ....teeth pulled. I used biotene 2x a day it is wonderful.


Dear Lily-Anne

I don't have good teeth either. I think if I were you I might consider changing my dentist as yours doesn't seem to be giving you much good advice or a good service.

My dentist told me to go along every 3 months whilst on chemotherapy. I tend to build up an inordinate amount of plaque and she said the dental hygienist could help with that but using a gentler cleaning method than she would had I not been on chemotherapy.

My dentist advised changing my toothbrush to a sonic one and nags me silly about flossing every day! This does seem to have helped along with Cordosil which is the mouthwash she recommended.

If you have a black bit on your tooth I would suggest it does need early attention from the dentist.

I found an Aloe Vera Gel in the chemist that I wiped round the inside of my mouth to keep ulcers and dry mouth at bay when having chemotherapy.

I hope you get this sorted out. It's not what you want in addition to all the other worries.

love Annie xxx


My teeth were crumbling during my last chemo and I could have no invasive treatment until the end of the cycle. My dentist suggested using a waterpik - about £50 from Boots. It's a gentler way of daily cleaning and flossing. I am also on prescription toothpaste - can be bought over the counter but it's £9 a tube. I used Corsodyl when my gums bled but only for short periods - again on advice of dentist. I've just started second chemo cycle and am hoping if I stick to this regime I won't have the same problems.

Godd luck.

Love Liz XXX


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