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Excessive belching?

Can anyone tell me if excessive belching is a symptom of ovarian cancer? I ask because a friend of mine has this and oohs very worried as she classes this as bloating. I don't think its the same thing but as I had none of the usual OC symptoms myself before I was diagnosed I can't really help her from personal experience. Surely bloating is a swollen tummy and not being able to do your trousers up?

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I dont want to panic your friend, but excessive wind can be one of the symptoms. I found I certainly had a lot just before diagnosis. Bloating is not always huge, I could do all my trousers up, however I felt I looked like I was pregnant. It is bloating that stays there, and doesn't go away that can be cause for concern. I would recommend getting your friend to do the BEAT online check on the ovacome website. This checks many symptoms, and can be printed off to show a doctor if needed. If in doubt, she should be checked, and not take "IBS" for an answer without tests. Hopefully she has nothing to worry about, but it is best to be sure



I was the same as chris. I fact I had different medications from the doctor to try to get rid of it. The bloating I had was from the tummy upwards to my chest. like my tummy was continuous.

This proved to be ascities which disappeared after having chemo. So you never know. It wasnt on my agenda I thought it was just wind. I was aware that IBS was one of the things that GPs go down that route so I was prepared for that but it didnt happen.

Just check it out as time is important and dont be put off.

Regards Barbara


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