Turmric can I use

Hi All you lovely ladies here I am turning to you lot again for help, can any of you out there tell me if I can takr turmric while on chemo,I have heard that it is very good for infammation and at the moment my bowel in very disteneded and sore after spending last weekend in hospital in a lot of pain was just woundering if it would be ok to start and take turmic in the hope that it minght help, jenny xxxx

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  • I was told not to take the tablets by my ongologist and the hospital pharmacist, other ladies on here may give a different view. I say if in doubt don't do it but check with your medical staff.

  • Thank you Ann x

  • Hi, I was told that Turmeric can potentiate some chemos, and actually make the chemo work better, so I do take it during chemo along side Gemzar (Gemcitabine)

    There are a number of studies that agree with this combo, but each of us have do whatever we feel comfortable with. Do a little research and decide for yourself, and if it feels right then why not give it a try? The medical establishment sadly do not have all the answers, and sometimes its a case of 'what have I got to loose'. Good luck. Bx

  • Thank you Barbara just feel that anything that will help with this pain has got to be worth a try,feel like I am dragging a ball and chain everywhere xx

  • Ginger is from the same family as turmeric and has the same active ingredients ( curcumin /piperine ) if you type in ginger or turmeric and ovarian cancer into your search engine there is some interesting information which may help you decide whether to try it. The effects of turmeric are boosted by taking with black pepper and a healthy fat, you can find recipes for golden milk ( turmeric milk) on you tube one way of taking it. I find the teas horrible as do many others!. I take both for pain and inflammation ( also said to be anti sickness and good for digestion ) and I believe they work it will take a while to show benefits. Best wishes and I hope you get some relief from your pain soon. marie. x x

  • Thank you have done a little research and I think the benifits from taking this have to be good so I am going to give it a try xx

  • Hi Jenny, I am confused by the advice given to me when I asked my onc they seemed to think it wouldn't help but I could use it while on treatment. I listen to the ladies on her & decided only to used turmic after finishing chemo. I felt there was stronge evidence against using it while on chemo. It depends on what your health teams thinks. I would say to be on the safe side ask someone that knows best. Take care Cindyxx

  • My oncologist is against me taking anything, but a naturapath I spoke to said that she could find no evidence to show that it was harmful. I am now on Avastin and have compromised in that I I refrain from taking turmeric for the week that I am having treatment.


  • Hi Jenny,

    Most women would suggest you listen to your Oncologist, but saying that they do not always have all the research to hand. All the reading I did suggested that turmeric actually aids chemo and makes it work better. I have taken it throughout and had good results. You might be better with Curcumin as it is stronger and this is the active ingredient in turmeric. And you need to take it with black pepper and some oil, for absorption. The link below is the one I use and has bioperin included in it. Good luck, Nicky xx


  • Here is a link I am sending you, with all the published research articles on Curcumin/turmeric and Antiproliferation and apoptosis induced by curcumin in human ovarian cancer cells.

    It is good reading!



    Love Nicky xx

  • I took turmeric for several years-firstly for tennis elbow and then continued when I was disgnosed with polymyalgia 2 years ago. It certainly works but you need to persevere as it probably takes 2 to 3 months to make much difference. However-you then notice if you forget to take it as the pain comes back. It didn't stop me getting ovarian cancer though.

  • Hi Jenny. Michael Mosley and his Trust Me I'm a Doctor team, did tests on turmeric as an aid to fighting cancer. I'm sure the result was positive. You may be able to track it down. Pauline.

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